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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:21 pm

2005 Matija-Balovic.jpg
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The stamp shows us a painting of Matija Balovic and most probably a sailing Venetian warship from that time.

Balovic, Matija , Croatian copywriter (Plumose. 20. 03. 1683 - Plumose. 29. 08. 1732). A maritime merchant and entrepreneur, he undertook numerous trade trips along the Adriatic, the Mediterranean and the Middle East (1715–32). He distinguished himself in Boka during the Venetian-Turkish war (1714–18), when, in times of food scarcity, he supplied the city with wheat (1716). During a trip to Durres in 1728, he was severely wounded during an attack by Ulcinj pirates.
He transcribed the manuscript Rieči pisma (or writer), a work rich in eight poetic texts ( Our Lady's Lament, The Mystery with the Torturers , etc.), which is considered to be the oldest known variant of the Boka group of Croatian passion texts. It is held that the scribe himself decorated the manuscript with drawings and the family coat of arms. According to some literary historians, he had Gundulić's Osman (1728) transcribed or himself .
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