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BETSY ANN sternwheeler 1899

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BETSY ANN sternwheeler 1899

Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:35 pm

BETSY ANN on coverTRUE magazine FEB1953.jpg
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2001 Betsy Ann on cover-of-True-Magazine-by-Dean-Cornwell.jpg
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The stamp issued in 2001 by the U.S.A. Mail is designed after a painting made by Dean Cornwell (1892-1960). The painting is depicted on the cover of the “True” magazine in February 1953.
The original painting is in the Ohio River Museum at Marietta.
The painting shows us the stern-wheeler BETSY ANN.

Built in 1899 by the Iowa Iron Works, Dubuque, Iowa for R.F. Learned, Natchez, Mississippi, owner and captain.
Launched as the BETSY ANN named for his wife Elizabeth.
Dim. 50.3 x 10.1 x 1.65m.
Engines manufactured by Clinton Novelty Iron Works. Her whistle was from the STELLA WILDS.

After completed was she mostly used in the Natchez-Bayou Sara trade in which she also carried the U.S. Mail.
1921 In the fall sold to D. Grover Gill, Gallipolis, Ohio, and others, who used her first in the trade between Pittsburgh-Portsmouth, and later Pittsburgh-Cincinnati, incorporated as independent Packet Company.
Late 1925 Frederick Way and Frederick Way, Jr bought stock in the company. They continued the BETSY ANN in the service from Pittsburgh – Cincinnati into 1929. From the summer of 1930 in the service from Pittsburgh – Louisville., then Pittsburgh – Charleston, and finally returned to the Pittsburgh – Cincinnati service from 3 November 1930 through 25 April 1931.
1925 The original tubular boilers were replaced by two Western-style boilers from the JOE FOWLER.
She left Pittsburgh on 02 November 1931 and went to Memphis for a charter to haul cotton. Made one trip to Caruthersville and another to Vicksburg, returning to Memphis 06 December 1931.
Spring 1932 sold to John I. Hay Company where after she was used to tow barges.
Fall 1940 was she dismantled at the St. Louis wharf.
The empty hull was then used by Wood River Refining Co in Wood River until they was sold to the Meramac Power Boat Club in August 1946. When towed to the Meramec River, she came in collision the Merchants Bridge in St Louis in which her bow was damaged, she continued her voyage to the Boat Club. After arrival there facilities were installed, where after she was in use by the club until the winter of 1952-53 when it grounded and sunk.

Her steering wheel can be seen in the Old Court House in St Louis. The roof bell now belongs to a garden club in Natchez, Missouri.
She is best remembered for having run three staged races at Cincinnati on 24 July 1928 with the packet CHRIS GREENE, on 16 July 1929 with the packet TOM GREENE and again in 1930 with the TOM GREENE.
These events led to the “rebirth” of steamboat racing as a popular sport.

In 2017/18 a replica of the BETSY ANN came on the Mississippi River in service.

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