EARL OF RIPON barque 1846 and arrival at Tristan da Cunha.

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EARL OF RIPON barque 1846 and arrival at Tristan da Cunha.

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Tristan da Cunha released in 1969 four stamps for the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel on the island, two stamps have a maritime theme the 4d and 1sh 6d.

Only one stamp is given in “Stanley Gibbons Ships on stamps” the 4d, the stamps were designed by Jennifer Toombs.
The 4d stamp was designed after an image in the “The Gospel Missionary” issues December 1902.
It shows us a missionary ship off Tristan, most probably the vessel on which the Rev. W.F. Taylor arrived on the island he was the first missionary stationed on the island from 1851 – 1856. He arrived on the barque EARL OF RIPON. (The stamp shows a barque rigged vessel)

The stamp shows us a view off the sea of the island with its perpetual cloud, the evening sun breaking through the rifts, a calm sea and wandering albatrosses wheeling aft of the ship.
Father William Taylor sailed in November 1850 from London to Tristan on board the EARL OF RIPON.

This then was the scene as Father William Taylor arrived at Tristan on 09 February 1851. Though small in stature he had a tremendous zeal and energy, ‘so much so that he commenced teaching on the very day he landed’. Soon also he married couples who had lived together as man and wife simply because no formal marriage had been possible. For him it was a hard life on the island and for five years he lived virtually in ‘true monastic poverty’. It was Father Taylor who after he had received news from home from a passing ship, the SYRIA, arranged for whalers in-route to the Antarctic to act as mail-carriers for Tristan-the islanders first mail service.

A long time ago I was passing between Tristan da Cunha and Gouch Island on a nice calm moonlight night around 11.00pm on a ballast voyage from Mozambique to Argentine to load a cargo of apples, and we did see the island exact as depict on the stamp. Tried to make contact by VHF with the island but not any reply, so everybody was already in bed. Not any light was visible on the island.

Of the EARL OF RIPON not much I could find as what is given in the Lloyds Registry...
She was built in 1846 by Peter Austin in Sunderland for Mr. Mitcheson, London as a barque rigged vessel.
Tonnage 343 ton.
Her maiden voyage was under Capt. Kellow from Sunderland to Ceylon.
In 1850 she sailed from London to Cape of Good Hope under Capt. J. Bridie, at that time she was owned by J. Brown, Dundee.
1854 She is not more in Lloyds Registry, maybe sold or lost.

Source Stamp Monthly of June 1970. Annals of Tristan da Cunha and Lloyds Registry.
Tristán da Cunha 1969 4d sg125, scott?

The other stamp 1s.6d shows us in the background of the stamp the masts from the schooner EDWARD VITTERY which was lost on Tristan da Cunha, see her details and story on viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13300&p=14642&hilit=vittery#p14642 By looking to the masts she are square rigged, while the EDWARD VITTERY was a schooner rigged vessel, a mistake by the designer of the stamp.

By the design is given:
One of the best known of the many missionary chaplains on Tristan was Revd. Edwin A. Dodgson. The stamp shows the stormy scene attending the arrival of the Revd. Dodgson in 1881, at the place since named ‘Down-where-the-Minister-land-his-tings’, He landed safely with a single case, leaving the schooner EDWARD VITTERY, and the rest of his baggage to await calmer weather, but a terrific storm blew up and the vessel was driven ashore and wrecked. Some church furnishings were lost, but Father Dodgson managed to recover some personal belongings. The artist depicts men battling against wind and waves to drag longboats and salvaged baggage ashore, with the masts (on the left of the stamp) of the keeling schooner in the background.

Source: Stanley Gibbons Stamps Monthly of June 1970.
Tristan da Cunha 1969 4d and 1s.6d. sg 125 and 127, scott?
1969 Sailing-Ship-off-Tristan-da-Cunha.jpg
1969 Landing-at-the-Beach.jpg

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