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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:02 pm

1977 Fishermen-in-boat.jpg
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The motifs after which the five stamps of 0.90 ore have been designed in this booklet are from the Roslagen and Stockholm's archipelago area in Sweden, only one stamp shows a watercraft a small (I believe wooden) rowing fishing boat. The stamp booklet with illustrations are designed after Calle Scheven's waltz.

“I Roslagen's famn” are the first words in Evert Taube's famous and extremely popular show "Calle Schewen's waltz". Dendikdades 1931 and is based on a real event, a dance party in which the poet participated on a July night out on an island with estate owner Karl von Scheven who lived in Roslagen and was a famous figure then. The poem was written the same evening to pay tribute to the values of the place. As so often with Taube, it is written to a waltz melody and produces just one waltz. But at the same time it is a confession to the beauty of the archipelago nature and the mystic of the Nordic summer.

Source: Internet.
Sweden 1977 0.90 ore sg 930, scott ?
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