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25th Anniversary of the Soviet-India Shipping Line.

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25th Anniversary of the Soviet-India Shipping Line.

Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Oct 08, 2020 7:23 pm

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For the 25th anniversary of the Soviet-Indian shipping line the USSR issued 1 stamp in 1981, which shows us a stylized bow of a ship which a USSR ship of the Andijan (or also given as Andizhan) type ship present.

25 Year ago the All-Union Association Sovfrakht and the Far East Shipping Company opened the first international regular shipping line FESCO - Indian Line.
The operation of the line was provided by the FESCO vessels - dry cargo vessels of the Andijan type.

On September 15, 1967, the first ship entered the line - M / V VANINO (captain - Yuri Pudovkin). It passed along the route Vladivostok - Muroran - Hong Kong - Bangkok - Singapore - Calcutta - Madras - Vladivostok. A month after the opening of the line, the second ship, M/V NAGAEVO (captain - Pavel Ovseenko) set out on a voyage. A month later, M/V DALNY (also given as DALNIY) (captain - Vladimir Tarakanov) entered the line. The average roundtrip voyage time was 90 days.

The bow view on the stamp looks that one of the Andijan type ships was used for the design. Which ship is used is unknown.

The first ship used in this line was the VANINO. All three vessels were built by Neptun VEB yard in Rostock, East Germany.
Built as a cargo vessel under yard No 281 by the Neptun VEB yard in Rostock, East Germany. For the USSR Government, managed by Far-Eastern Shipping Co., Vladivostock.September 1960 launched as the VANINO.
Tonnage 3,359 GRT, 1,627 NET, 4,388 DWT, dim. 104.0 x14.4 x 7.94m, length bpp. 95.8m.
Powered by a two 8cyl. Gorlitzer Masch diesel engine geared to one shaft 2,500 bhp, speed 13.5 knots.
September 1960 completed.

Her career used in the Soviet-India line till broken up.
15 July 1984 broken up by Sangyo Shinko in Izumiohtsu, Japan.

The second ship in the Soviet-India Shipping Line is the NAGAYEVO or also given as NAGAEVO
Also built as cargo vessel under yard no 276.
Launched as the NAGAEVO. Same details as the VANINO.
May 1960 completed.
Used till broken up in the Soviet-India Line.
1985 Broken up in the USSR.

The third ship also a cargo vessel is the DALNIY also given as DALNY.
Yard No 275.
March 1960 completed.
Same details as VANINO.

Used till broken up by the Soviet-India Line.
02 February 1986 broken up by Hashihama Zosensho, Yoshiumi, Japan.

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