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AFANASY NIKITIN voyage from Russia to India in 1466

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AFANASY NIKITIN voyage from Russia to India in 1466

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Oct 11, 2020 7:25 pm

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Russia issued in 1966 and 2005 a stamp which shows us a monument of Afanasy Nikitin. The monument has in front of the pedestal a bow of an old wooden ship with a figure head of a horse, which most probably presents a vessel used by Nikitin on his travel from Russia to India. The only type of ship I can find is the “hippos” depict on a stamp of Iraq issued in 2002 sg2175, a Phoenician vessel but used before BC. It can also refer to the stallion Nikitin took with him on this voyage from Russia to India.

By the 2005 stamp the Russian Post gives:
The Region of Tver was formed on January 29, 1935. The region contains 36 administrative territories, 23 cities, 33 urban villages and 8940 villages. The region’s centre is Tver. The stamp features a base relief of Prince Mikhail of Tver, Afanasy Nikitin’s monument, a chapel in the source of the Volga River, “Blue Express” produced by Tver carriage-building plant, the St. Boris and St. Gleb monastery in Torzhok, the college and museum of gold embroidery in Torzhok. ... 13249.aspx

Afanasy Nikitin (? - 1474/1475) - Tver merchant, Russian traveler. In 1466, he set out for trade purposes from Tver down the Volga, reached Derbent by sea, sailed to Baku, then sailed across the Caspian Sea to Persia, where he lived for about a year. In 1469 he reached India through the Arabian Sea, where he lived for about three years, traveling a lot. On the way back he visited Somalia, Persia, Muscat, Turkey, crossed the Black Sea and in 1472 arrived in Kafa (Feodosia). He died near Smolensk on his way home. During a trip to India, he carefully studied its population, social structure, government, economy, religion, way of life, nature, which he described in the book "Walking the Three Seas in 1466-1472." It has been translated into many languages of the world. Afanasy Nikitin made his journey 25 years before the opening of the route to India by the Vasco da Gama expedition.

More on Nikitin is given on ... sy-nikitin

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Russia 1966 4k sg 3344 scott? and 2005 5R sg 7319, scott?
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