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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:21 am

McArthur landing at Palo, Leyte on 20 October 1944.jpg
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2019 75th-Anniversary-of-the-Leyte-Landings.jpg
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2019 MacArthur-s-Arrival-on-Leyte-Island.jpg
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The Philippines issued 2019 a se-tenant set for the 75th anniversary of the Leyte Gulf Landings which shows the memorial of the landing and the wading of General McArthur through the water to the beach, in the background you can see some landings craft, most probably LCVP (Higgens boats) McArthur arrived by USS NASVILLE (CL-43)

The Philippines Post gives by the issues:
The 75th Anniversary of the Leyte Gulf Landings stamp issuance features both the MacArthur Landings Memorial and the photograph of the arrival of General Douglas MacArthur on 20 October 1944 on Leyte soil. Allied forces facilitated the operations that were instrumental in the liberation of the entire archipelago from the Japanese Occupation. This included the fateful Battle of Leyte Gulf which commenced on the 23rd until the 26th of October 1944. T was the largest naval battle of the Second World War and is to date also the largest naval engagement in history.
This Commemorative issuance honors the memory of the individuals who had sacrificed their lives for the country, civilian casualties of war, and survivors who with resilience and fortitude rebuilt the war-ravaged nation from the ruins.
Historian Xiao Chua said the Leyte Landing was preceded by the greatest naval battle in history at Leyte Gulf that involved 211 American warships, including 16 aircraft carriers, and 12 battleships.
In addition, American and allied forces had 1,300 warplanes and over 300,000 troops.
In contrast, the once formidable Japanese navy had only 68 warships and 300 aircraft.
Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita was the commander of the Japanese Imperial Army in the Philippines during the final battle of the Pacific War.
When World War 2 broke out in the Philippines on Dec. 8, 1941, the Japanese crushed the American and Filipino forces in Bataan and Corregidor and occupied the Philippines for over three years.
The invasion of Leyte began at dawn of Oct. 17, 1944, when US troops sneaked into the island that caught the Japanese forces by surprise.
The Japanese thought that McArthur would land in Mindanao but the brilliant American general diverted his plan and chose Leyte where American forces would land because Mindanao was heavily fortified by the Japanese.
The successful landing by the US and allied forces at Red Beach in Palo, Leyte fulfilled McArthur’s promise of “I shall return” to liberate the Philippines from the clutches of the Japanese invaders. (PNA)


More on the photo is given on ... -photo.htm

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