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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Nov 10, 2020 7:10 pm

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About Myths & Legends II – Tales from the Sea

As an island, Jersey’s culture, identity, and history have all been moulded by the ocean. As such, it is no surprise that a lot of Jersey’s myths and legends take place on the Island’s coastline. Six of these tales are illustrated on this set of stamps.
Six sea-themed myths and legends will feature on a set of stamps to be issued by Jersey Post on 3 November 2020. The second in Jersey Post’s Myths and Legends series, the stamps have once again been illustrated by local artist, Nick Parlett and depict: The Bull Among the Rocks, Legend of the Plank, Jeffrey’s Leap, Spanish Ship on the Rocks, Lavoir des Dames and The Martyrdom of St Helier.

“Jersey has a rich and fascinating history of folklore and superstition and, and as an Island, its culture, identity, and history have all been shaped by the sea,” explains James Dann, Jersey Post’s Philatelic Brand Manager. “It is no surprise, therefore, that many of Jersey’s myths and legends take place on the Island’s coastline.”

Nick Parlett is a Jersey painter and illustrator. Taking inspiration from the natural world, Nick works using a variety of materials and methods. He has been illustrating stamps for Jersey Post since 1995, depicting subjects ranging from birdlife and conservation to oyster fishing and seashells.

Only one stamp and the MS shows us a ship. The Jersey post did not give much information on the legends, but below is given what I found on the Spanish ship on the rocks.

During the autumn of 1495, a great storm hit the west coast of Jersey. The islanders that lived on this part of the island were dishonest, and a storm meant only one thing - shipwrecks.

Once any ships had hit the rocks, the islanders rushed to steal treasure from the wreck.
On the third day of the storm, a band of men gathered on top of the cliffs at St. Ouen, and watched for ships. Eventually, they saw five great ships sailing towards the coast, in great distress.
But the men did not signal, as they could see that the ships were Spanish, and were probably full of treasure.
But there was a momentary lull in the storm, and the Spanish sailors saw the coast. Judging that it was too dangerous to land, they managed to steer the ships away from the coast.

The wreckers were furious - they rushed to the most hazardous part of the coast, and lit several fires as if to guide the ships to safety. The Spanish saw the fires and headed towards them, believing it to be safe.
Too late they realized that they had been betrayed, and as they saw the wreckers dancing around the fires, the ships struck the rocks and broke up.

The fifth ship was the greatest of the fleet and stayed afloat. On the deck of the ship were an old man and a young girl. The man called out to the wreckers to save his daughter, but the wreckers only laughed in reply.
At that moment a huge wave broke over the ship's deck and washed the girl to her death. As the ship broke up, the old man called to the wreckers 'I offered you my blessing and my gold, but you answered with laughter. Now I give you my curse - within a year, you will meet me under the waters of this bay.'
One year later, the wreckers gathered for a celebration - they had survived the curse. But as they drank wine and feasted, the sky began to darken. Thunder cracked, and lightning lit up the sky.
The storm ripped up trees and the lightning struck deep caverns in the ground. The sea rushed against the land, washing over were the wreckers had been feasting.
The wreckers fled, but everywhere they turned their path was blocked. Finally, they scrambled up the highest point of land, but the sea rushed upon that too and carried the wreckers to their deaths. ... hips.shtml
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