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The stamp shows the arrival of the first Jacobin deportees on arrival in Seychelles on 14 July 1801 onboard the French frigate CHIFFONNE. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11828&p=12671&hilit=chiffonne#p12671

We can assume that the CHIFFONNE is depicted on the stamp.
Napoleon detested him (General Jean Antoine Rossignol 1759-1802) and banished him from Paris after his coup d’état of 18 brumaire. Napoleon later used the attempt at Saint-Nicaise which was organized by the English to get rid of him. He was imprisoned like many innocents Jacobins and condemned for deportation to Seychelles. They left Paris and transported at night through Nantes en route to Saint Nazaire to board two corvettes?; the CHIFFONNE that arrived in Seychelles with the first group of Jacobin deportees on Quintidi 25 Messidor An IX (Tuesday 14 July 1801) after 7 months at sea. Later on, in September of the same year, the second batch of Jacobin deportees arrived on board the FLÉCHE under Captain Eustache Bonamy.

After landing at Mahé, Rossignol addressed his fellow compatriots, and said “Friends! please do not be alarmed, we will again see our homeland. The monster that had sent us here will end violently. The ‘New Nero’ (Napoleone Bonaparte). He will finish his career sooner than you imagine. France will not stay long under the yoke of this oppressor. He will perish, and the news of his death will be to our deliverance”.
As soon as he arrived, Captain Pierre Guieysse of the CHIFFONNE convened a meeting with the notables and it was decided that the deportees were allowed to stay and that the Seychelles authorities were obliged to feed them.

Captain Charles Adam, a Scot, who had captured the CHIFFONNE which was under repair in the Seychelles Harbour visited the deportees and wanted some of them to go with him to India. But they said that they wanted to stay under the orders of the French Government, even though during that time Seychelles had capitulated to the British.

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Seychelles 2001 R1 sg 905, scott?
2001 CHIFFONNE Arrival-of-Jacobin-Deportees (3).jpg

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