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Norway issued two stamps in the Norden issues on 23 April 1993 which shows us a canoe and an inflatable rubber boat. By the stamp is given:

The theme for this year's NORDEN stamps is tourism. Knut Lokke-Sorensen has designed the stamps, and they are printed in four-color offset by Emil Moestue A / S,
For the Eskimos, the kayak in Arctic waters has been a vital necessity. Today, kayaking has become a world sport since the first competitive kayak was built in London in 1860.
It is the Canadian Indian canoe that has given shape to the modern craft that today is mostly built in fiberglass. It has also been used as a worldwide sports tool. The kayak and canoe have a lot in common. Most importantly, the propulsion is done by hand by the paddler.

The same can be said of the latest members of the paddle sport - the rubber boat with room for four paddlers. The Central European folding boat has developed to become the most popular form of paddling in the Alpine countries.

But kayaking is not just a competitive sport. Tour-paddling, which was long reserved for scouts and a few enthusiasts, is becoming a mass movement and an alluring tourist destination. This summer's ski sport is called paddling, and it also offers many of the same pleasures and benefits. This is the message in this year's NORDEN stamps.
Norway is then also a land of opportunity for paddlers. If we include islands, fjords and coves, we have a shoreline of 55,000 kilometers. Think about what this can mean for a kayaker who experiences the trip through quiet coves and narrow straits or from island to island on a voyage of discovery.

But Norway also has plenty of inland waterways to offer tourists. In fact, 16,000 square kilometers of inland water is almost twice as much as cultivated land. More than 200,000 lakes are also there waiting to be taken into use by the paddlers in the years to come. Mile after mile, day after day over calm small lakes; a riverboat trip In Finnmark or in small canals around the capitals, the mountain ranges' offer the combination and the experiences of foot trips or paddling.

For those who are looking for fast-paced excitement, canoeing and river paddling have been put in place in many places in the country. Boats can be rented and trips can be arranged. The paddling years have become part of tourist Norway's offerings - and a motif for the stamp.

Source: Internet.
Norway 1993 4.00/4.50kr, sg 1160/61, scott?
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