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The stamp of 1938 issued by British Honduras shows us banners, within the banners are given the product names important for the economy of British Honduras. Also an image of the British King George VI.

Hardly to see on the right of the King's image is visible a one mast watercraft under sail, which I believe is a Belize smack, when not fitted out with a wet well she is called a sloop.

Used for fishing when fitted out with a wet well otherwise used as a cargo vessel in the waters of British Honduras.

She is a plank-built boat introduced from Cuba in 1911.
Built on natural crook frames; deep long narrow bilge keel. Double-ended until ca.1925 where after she got a raked transom stern. Steered with a yoke on the rudder. Utilizes a sliding gunter rig and boomed foresail.
Crew 3-5.
Reported lengths 6.7 – 9m.

Source: Aak to Zumbra a dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
British Honduras 1938 4c sg 153, scott 118
1938 Belize smack + Local-Products.jpg

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