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9 DE JULIO cruiser 1893

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9 DE JULIO cruiser 1893

Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Feb 19, 2021 7:13 pm

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2020 9 de JULIO Gesto Solidaridad Argentina y Rep. Dominicana.jpeg
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The Dominican Republic issued in 2020 a miniature sheet for the 100th Anniversary that the Argentinian cruiser NUEVE DE JULIO on his return voyage to Argentina visited the country in January 1920 to be solidary with the republics' struggle for independence. At that time the Dominican Republic was occupied by USA forces.
The MS shows us de cruiser and a portrait of Argentinian President Yrigoyen.

Built as a cruiser under yard no 579 by the yard of Armstrong Mitchell & Co., Elswick for the Argentina Navy.
February 1891 laid down.
28 July 1892 launched as the 9 DE JULIO.
Displacement: 3,557 tons, dim. 115.54 x 13,41 x 5.03m. (draught), length bpp.107.9m.
Powered by two sets VTE steam engine, 14,500 ihp (10,800 kW), two shafts, and speed 22.25 knots.
Bunker capacity 360-ton coal normal, 772 tons coal maximum.
Radius 10,000 miles.
Armament 4 – 6 inch, QF., 8 – 4.7 inch QF, 12 – 3pdr QF, 12 – 1 pdr. QF, 5 – 18 inch torpedo tubes, one bow four broadside.
21 January 1893 were the final trials.
02 April 1893 she sails from the Tyne River bound for the USA.

NUEVE DE JULIO was a protected cruiser of the Argentine Navy. The ship was acquired by the Argentine navy as part of the South American naval arms race in the 1890s. Completed in 1893, the vessel remained in service until 1930.

Design and construction
Argentina and its rival Chile purchased a series of cruisers in a local naval arms race from the 1890s to 1902, in which Armstrong of Elswick sold ships to both sides, as well as to Brazil.
NUEVE DE JULIO was designed by Philip Watts and was one of a series of fast protected cruisers built by Armstrong (Elswick, England) for export. The ship was a second-class protected cruiser with quick-firing guns, in contrast to Argentina's previous "Elswick" ship VEINTICINCO DE MAYO which on a similar size hull-mounted 8.2-inch (208 mm) main guns. NUEVE DE JULIO was therefore similar to its predecessor PIEMONTE built for Italy, the first cruiser with an all-quick firing armament, and the following Elswick cruiser YOSHINO built for Japan, which was the fastest ship in the First Sino-Japanese War and performed well in action.
NUEVE DE JULIO had a double bottom except in the boiler and engine rooms (where the hull was not deep enough) and the protective deck had a raised glacis over the engines. Originally the torpedo tubes would have been 14-inch (356 mm), the substitution with a larger type delayed its construction.
Launched in 1892, the ship was completed in 1893. NUEVE DE JULIO remained in service until being discarded in 1930.
23 October 1930 disarmed and for the next several years she was slowly dismantled.
Her remains were towed to the Military Steel Factory in Puerto Nuevo.
1938 The remains were scrapped partly but after part of the hull near the engine room gave way, she sank very rapidly along the dock, where she was laying the next ten years before in 1947 she was refloated after her hull was cut in two. At the end of 1947, both ends were refloated and towed to the dry dock at Dársena Norte and scrapped there. and internet.
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