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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:52 pm

2020 Turkey ancient postal routes 1.jpg
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2020 Europa-CEPT-2020---Ancient-Postal-Routes.jpg
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Turkey issued one stamp in 2020 for the “Ancient Postal Routes” most is translated by Google Translate from the Turkish language.

The stamp shows us a map of Turkey and the passage from the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea which I have passed many times. Have not any information on the small watercraft depicted on the stamp.

ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION NETWORK In the Ottoman Empire, whose lands spread over three continents, the road system was organized from Anatolian and Rumelia roads, east and west of the Bosporus. The Ottoman roads starting from Istanbul consisted of six main routes, called "branches" that covered the country. The secondary roads that separated from the main routes both provided the connection between the main routes and made it possible to reach the most remote corners of the country from these roads. In the Ottoman period, the connection between the center and the provinces was systematically provided thanks to the developed road networks that reached the most remote corners of the country. In order to carry out transportation, communication, and trade smoothly on these roads, importance was given to the construction of accommodation and secondary infrastructure units such as bridges, inns, caravanserais, kulliye, ranch house, derbent, and pulley where necessary.

Source: Internet.
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