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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:24 pm

1944 Boris-Safonov-1915-1942.jpg
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I found on a Russian web-site the following details on a stamp issued in 1944 by the Soviet Union. The stamp shows aircraft, within the foreground seamen in the water, and a ship not very clear, but most probably an Allied cargo vessel sinking. Also, depict an image of Boris Safonov.

“The stamp "Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot of naval aviation, Lieutenant Colonel BF Safonov" displays the immortal feat of the "Safonovites". On May 30, 1942, four aircraft, flown by Boris Safonov (1915-1942), covered the allied convoy PQ-16 en route to Murmansk. When enemy planes began bombing the convoy ships, the Safonovites entered the battle. In this battle, having shot down three enemy planes, the North Sea pilot Safonov himself was also killed.”

On the convoy I found that it left Reykjavik on 21 May 1942, it was the largest convoy during the war sailing to Murmansk, 36 cargo vessels left at that date escorted with many warships.
When in Russian waters from 28 till 30 May Russian warships strengthened the escort fleet.
The convoy was shadowed by German spotter planes from 25 May and there were frequent enemies air attacks on the convoy.
The first vessel sunk was on 26 May when the SYROS was sunk by the U-703. The next day the convoy was attacked by up to 100 Ju 88s planes in which 5 cargo vessels were sunk.
30 May the convoy arrived in Murmansk and part arrived in Archangel on 1 June.
The escorts rescued 471 survivors.

More on the convoy is given by Wikipedia:

Source: Convoys to Russia 1941 – 1945 by Robb Ruegg and Arnold Hague.
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