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MERCATOR Barkuentine 1895

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MERCATOR Barkuentine 1895

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Feb 28, 2021 10:23 pm

Tall-Ship-3-Mast Mercator-1895.jpg
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On the 19th of February 2021, Latvijas Pasts is releasing a new stamp in the series Historical Ships of the 19th Century, featuring the barquentine MERCATOR (Merkators), a three-mast sailing ship built in Ainaži in 1895.

The new stamp in the series of historical ships depicts the three-mast barquentine MERCATOR built-in Ainaži in 1895 and constructed by the shipbuilder Mathis Hoenze. The MERCATOR is distinguished by its rigging – the system of ropes, cables, chains, blocks, and other devices – and its paint, while its mast height reaches 42 metres. The ship has made transatlantic voyages and has been in European, North American, and South American ports with various types of cargo.

Latvijas Pasts launched the series of stamps Historical Ships of the 19th Century in 2016 in honour of the period of the rapid development of Latvian seafaring and shipbuilding in the 19th century. Three stamps have been released in this series over these years, featuring the sailing ship ANDREAS WEIDE built-in Ainaži in 1891, the four-mast gaff schooner ABRAHAM constructed in Ventspils in 1891 and the four-mast motor-sailing ship EURASIA built-in Engure Municipality in 1925. All stamps in the series can be seen here.
. ... -in-ainazi

The internet did not give any more information on the ship, Lloyds Register on line is only going to 1908, the following I got from this registers. Some details are given differently as in the e-mail from the Latvia Post.

LR 1896 gives: Built in 1895 by M. Holmsen in Haynasch for the Gebr. Weide & Mikkelsen, as the MERCATOR. Callsign HBGL
Wikipedia gives on Haynasch:
Tonnage 390 gross, 370 net, dim. 141.8 x 27.4 x 13.4ft.
Registered in Haynasch, Russia.
Captain given as Weide.

LR 1904 gives as captain P. Walter, registered in Riga, Russia.

LR 1908 gives as owner M. Weide, Captain A Dischler
That is the last I can find on the MERCATOR.

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