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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Mar 02, 2021 8:39 pm

2020 floating market.jpg
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In 2020 Bangladesh issued a set of stamps for the “floating market” and the “floating garden” the two stamps for the “floating market” show us many watercraft used in this market, the type looks that it are most of the “sampan” type.

By the stamp is given:
Around the world, there are many floating markets, but those are changing in time’s course given priority over-tourism. Many new things are being added at their floating markets.
In the southern part of Bangladesh, the floating markets are heavily dependent on rivers and people’s lives are intertwined with these markets. Nothing has changed over the period of time. One of the most remarkable amongst all these floating markets are Pirojpur’s Boithakata, Swarupkathi’s guava market. Jhalkathi’s Bhimruli and Sandhya River floating market of Barisal. Moreover, at the banks of different rivers in Southern Bangladesh, there are many crop-based markets. Like the floating agriculture system, these floating markets deserve to be recognized by UNESCO for their heritage and tradition.
Boithakata floating market on Bhelus River starts from every early dawn for four to five hours.

The market is a completely natural market that has no permanent infrastructure. Farmers and traders come to this market at the early dawn with their boats. This place becomes the place of farmers and wholesalers with varied agricultural produce.
A popular myth quotes, that the canal was dug with paddles, that’s how the name of Boithakata came into existence. On Boithakata market, the farmers from a couple of upazilas (districts) of Pirojpur depend on. Some sources give that this market is 100 years old, others that this market commenced fifty to sixty years ago.

The floating market has in the years shifted its position due to the change of the river navigability and the river canals.

The Boithakata floating market is the largest vegetable market in Southern Bangladesh.

Source: Bangladesh Post.
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