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JOSEPHINE LOIZEAU schooner Arrival of Father Léon Avanchers

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JOSEPHINE LOIZEAU schooner Arrival of Father Léon Avanchers

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Mar 21, 2021 8:05 pm

2001 Josephine Loiseau Arrival-of-Father-Léon-Des-Avanchers.jpg
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For the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of Father Léon Avanchers, the Seychelles Post issued 1 stamp of 3 R which shows an image of Father Avanchers and in the background a schooner on which he arrived in Seychelles.
The schooner he arrived on was the JOSEPHINE LOIZEAU built-in Mahe on Seychelles in 1841.

Could not find her dimensions, tonnage, and owner.

Josephine Loiseau – brought the first Catholic missionary to the islands
The Catholic faith was brought to Seychelles by the first French settlers but was formally established with the arrival of the Catholic priest, Léon des Avanchers in March 1851. Lèon des Avanchers was a Capuchin priest of the Province of Savoy, France.
News of his arrival spread like wildfire. People flocked to hear him preach, receive the sacraments, and hundreds were baptized. By 1853, the priest had already built a small wooden chapel in Victoria. ... s-history/
I found her back in Australia in 1853 ... early_1853 where is given that she arrived from Mauritius with onboard 17 passengers under command of Captain Letorel.
Then I found her end when she was wrecked in Horseshoe Bay in Port Elliott, Australia.
Josephine Loizeau (1841-1856)
Location: Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliott (-35.533269°S 138.686519°E)
Vessel type: two-masted wooden schooner
Josephine Loizeau was built in Mahe Island, Seychelles, in 1841. On 10 July 1856, the schooner was moored near the jetty at Horseshoe Bay. The crew had mistakenly shackled the vessel to the mooring chain instead of the mooring cable and gale-force winds broke its connection and drove the vessel ashore. The vessel’s master, Captain Mennie, was hailed a hero for repeatedly swimming to and from the wrecked vessel to rescue the 13 women and children passengers aboard. The vessel had right over, the side was stove in, and the wreckage was littered along the northern beach. ... ort_Elliot

Australian Shipwrecks Volume 2 by Jack Loney gives as follow:
The name in the book is given as JOSEPHINE L’OIZEAU.
On the morning of 10 July 1856 the schooner JOSEPHINE L’OIZEAU arrived at Port Elliott SA from Adelaide. She carried 120 tons of cargo valued at about £3000 and many passengers expecting to board the paddle steamer ALBURY at Goolwa and proceed up the Murray River.
Late in the afternoon, the wind freshened from the South and soon reached gale force. At about ten in the evening, the schooner’s anchors parted and she went ashore. Her master, Captain Mennie, and the Harbour master organized rescue operations immediately the vessel struck, taken thirteen women and children to safety.
The crew spent the next few days salvaging all that remained but most of the flour in the cargo was so badly damaged by water it was abandoned.

(Baie Ste Anne District was originally named as Anse Lamoure. It got its name by Catholic Priest's father Leon Des Avancher” in the year 1851. Baie Ste Anne is situated on the East of Praslin Island and it is the largest district in terms of population.)

Seychelles 2001 R3 sg 907, scott?
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