GEYZER MRK (555) corvette

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GEYZER MRK (555) corvette

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The stamp shows us a corvette missile ship with pennant No 555 of Type 1234.1 of the Russian Navy.

Built as a type 1234.1 corvette missile ship by the Primorsky Shipyard in Leningrad for the Soviet Navy.
21 December 1987 laid down.
28 August 1989 launched as the MRK GEYZER (555). One of the Nanuchka III Class.
Displacement 640-ton standard, 730-ton full load. Dim. 59.3 x 11.8 x 3.02m, (draught), length on bpp. 54m.
Powered by three diesel engines M-507A, each 10,000 hp, three fixed pitch propellers, speed 34 knots full speed, economic 12 knots.
Range by a speed of 18 knots, 1,500 miles.
Armament: 1 – 1 76mm AU AK-176. 1 x 6 30mm ZAK AK-630 AA. 6 launchers of anti-ship missiles P-120 “Malachite and 1 SAM Osa-MA (20 SAM ammunition.)
Crew 64.
28 August 1989 completed.
28 February 1990 commissioned in the USSR Navy.
26 July 1992 transferred to the Russian Navy

GEYZER is a Project 1234.1 small missile ship, part of the Russian Baltic Fleet.

Construction history
The small missile ship "GEYZER" was included in the lists of the Navy ships on December 30, 1987 and on December 21, 1987, laid down on the slipway of the Leningrad Primorsky Shipyard (serial number S-81). Launched on August 28, 1989, adopted by the fleet on December 27. On February 28, 1990, GEYSER was included in the Baltic Fleet of the USSR Navy, and on July 26, 1992, it raised the St. Andrew's flag.

Service history
On August 12, 2016, together with the ZARECHNY and MORSHANSK missile ships, she took part in exercises with artillery firing (from 76- and 30-mm artillery mounts) at targets simulating combat ships and air attack weapons of a conventional enemy, and also performed electronic missile launches at targets imitating a detachment of imaginary enemy ships.

In September 2016, as part of a unit of the Baltic fleet at sea, the crew of the MRK GEYZER successfully fired a Malachite cruise missile at a naval target imitating a simulated enemy ship. According to objective control data, the launched cruise missile successfully hit the designated target at a distance of over 50 kilometers.
Then she launched a target missile for the testing of the SKR ADMIRAL MAKAROV.

As of 2020, she is part of the 106th MRK division of the 36th missile boat brigade in the Baltic. ... %BB%D1%8C) (google translated)

Central African Republic 2019 850Fr, sg?, Scott? and MS 3300Fr. sgMS?, scott? (In margin)
2019 PORTER MS.jpg
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