ST OLAF II King of Norway

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ST OLAF II King of Norway

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The stamps from Åland and Faroe, issued in 1995 depict a wooden statue of St. Olaf, King of Norway, with partly Abraham Ortelius 1527 – 1598 map in the background.
The statue is hollow and was originally placed in the Church of Sund on the island of Åland. The two vessels which are depicted are probably from the 16th century when the map was issued.

0lav the saint: sailor and patron saint of Aland and the Faroe Islands. Olof Haraldsson was born at the end of the 10th century as a descendant of Harald Harfagers. He was considered the heir to the Norwegian crown. Olav took part in the Viking campaigns across Europe. After a stay in Normandy, he professed Christianity. In 1015 he returned to Norway to become king and unify the country. According to legend, he is said to have entered into a sailing competition with his pagan brother in the battle for the royal crown, which he miraculously won.

Olav not only Christianized Norway but also other Nordic countries.

In 1028 was he expelled from Norway and fled to Novgorod.

29 07 1030 he lost his life in the Battle of Stiklestad while trying to retake Norway.

In 1031 he was canonized. Since then he has been venerated as a patron saint throughout Scandinavia.

On Aland, the medieval provincial seal, St. Olof's Chapel in Lemböte and St. Olof's Church in Jomala, as well as paintings and sculptures in churches and elsewhere, bear witness to Olav's stay on the islands.

Source Navicula and Internet
Aland 1995 4m30 sg 102. Scott?
Faroe Islands 1995 4Kr00 sg 279. Scott?
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1995 King-Olaf-II.jpg
1995 Olaf-II.jpg

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