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The name of this sailing vessel is given as KALJAASI ANSIO but I could not find her official registration papers, “Kaljaasi” translated from Finnish means “galeas” a topsail schooner, so I believe her name is ANSIO.

Details of her are scare, below is given what I did find on the internet.
Kaljaasi ANSIO is a two-masted, traditional wooden cargo ship with a crew of 4 and can carry 36 passengers. The design of ANSIO is based on the original line drawings, of a half-model and one photograph of Kaljaasi ANSIO, built in Kalajoki in 1891.

Construction of Kaljaasi ANSIO began in late 2007, at Kalajoki the ship was launched on 5 June 2011 and public sailing began in summer 2012. Kaljaasi ANSIO has been built by Plassin kyläyhdistys ry.

The drawings of the ship are based on the drawings of Kaljaasi ANSIO, built-in Kalajoki in 1891, but the length of the ship is 20 meters instead of 22 meters.
If she was fitted out with an auxiliary engine is unknown.

ANSIO was built with the help of volunteers in about four and a half years. The project started in 2007,
Building a traditional ship was interesting from the beginning, as everything possible is made of wood and with your own hands.
This is precisely why the beginning of the project, in particular, was very memorable, as no one had previous experience in building a wooden-hulled ship. But, the work was advised by experts from different fields, from metalworkers to carpenters, which were involved, then at the end of 18,000 hours of work they were more than satisfied with the result,

Behind this 20-meter-long and 5.2-meter-wide wooden ship is a valuable history, as the original ANSIO operated at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries as a so-called cargo sailing ship.

The design is based on the original line drawings, of a half-model and one photograph of Kaljaasi ANSIO, built-in Kalajoki in 1891.

With these, Mikko Ilus, a Turku-based shipbuilding professional, designed the ship's structural drawings.

It was good for us to continue. We launched the Wind to Sails project, which we received funding from, among others from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural
The project was also disbursed with donations and a loan.
In total, The ANSIO building cost came to about 250,000 euros, but the value is much, much more.

Completed in 2012, ANSIO is currently one of Kalajoki's strongest tourist attractions. She makes sailing trips several times a week and, can also be ordered for private use.
Night sailing is also possible, as the ANSIO has 14 beds and modern equipment in the kitchen.

Source: Various websites
Finland 2021 250FD sg?, scott? and vignette.
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