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MALBOROUGH-Blackwall frigate (1846 - 1869)

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MALBOROUGH-Blackwall frigate (1846 - 1869)

Postby Anatol » Wed Apr 21, 2021 1:53 pm

Blackwall frigate MARLBOROUCH.jpg
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MALBOROUGH, 1,402 registered tons, length 175ft 5in, beam 41ft 5in, depth 29ft 1in.Costructed of wood at T.W. Smith's Tyne yard for T.W. Smith's shipping service to India. An early Blackwall frigate. She was built in 1846, for easy conversion to a fifty guns naval frigate with scantlings pierced for gun ports. The Blackwall frigates built by Smith, Green (Blackwall Line) and Wigram were 500 tons larger than the London passenger ships of their day. MALBOROUGH entered the Indian trade carrying passengers and troops to Calcutta and Madras. In1854, she made one voyage to Australia because of the press of passengers in the Gold Rush. She carried 325 passengers and reached Melbourne in 78 days from the Lizard. Her return journey via Cape Horn was also a creditable 83 days. In 1869. she was withdrawn from service and converted to a coal hulk at Gibraltar. The design stamp is made after painting of Jack Spurling.
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