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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:47 pm

1963 Sampan and Airplane-over-Bridge.jpg
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It is not a very clear stamp but you can see a “sampan” under a suspension bridge, of the “sampan” which Navucula, gives the following.

Sampan ..... from the Chinese expression ‘shan pan’ and means three planks ’. On Chinese rivers, but also in India, Malaya, and Japan widespread wooden plank boat, 3 to 10 m long with a flat bottom and pointed side planks without frames. On the wide, uncovered stern were. In general, the upper side planks longer than the actual hull, so that an overhang was created, to which a relatively long single sculling oar was attached, which was used to steer at the same time. Larger sampans have a similar design, but with a closed deck, are used as living and transport boats, which can also be equipped with sails on up to two masts. The masts stand free and are not supported by stages or shrouds.

Source: Navucula
Taiwan 1963 2.50 nts, sg 471, scott?
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