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The model shown on this stamp is a “chu-p’ai” bamboo raft which was/is used on China's west coast and Taiwan.

The “chu-p’ai” used for fishing at sea, for local coastal transport, and in the past for transferring passengers from off-lying ships, especially at Kao-Hsiung (Takow). Smaller simpler rafts ply rivers and lakes.
The seagoing craft is constructed of very stout bamboo poles, ranging from 6 – 14 poles, but mainly 9 – 11; poles arranged so that the smaller ends are at the front, making the raft narrower at the bow. Multiple transverse poles secure the long poles and create a dished effect; smaller poles serve as gunwales and support the tholepins; plastic tubing now popular for the gunwales. Equipped with as many as 6 daggerboards, but generally, only 3 employed at a time. Steered with 1-2 sweeps. On those that transferred passengers, a wooden tub was added for the use 0f the passengers and/or luggage, and a woven weather screen might be set up forward; fishing rafts have woven mats to hold the nets.
A tall pole mast steps into a securely fastened block; sets a chocolate-colored battened lugsail. Also rowed, but now generally motorized.
Reported lengths 3.7 – 12.2m e.g. length 7m, beam 1.2m.

Source: Aak to Zumbra a dictionary of the World’s watercraft.
Taiwan 1973 $1 sg 923, scott?
1973 CHU-P'AI bamboo raft jpg.jpg

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