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The small boat on the Swedish stamp is a “jolle” which is a Scandinavian term for a “dingy”

Dinghy, also dinghy (the words come from Middle Low German dinghy and Dutch “jol” with unclear origin or on the west coast “jolle”, is smaller open rowing or sailing boat. In sports and racing, for example, there is a finn and optimist dinghy.
Even smaller lifeboats stored onboard are also often referred to as dinghies. A dinghy can also be a trailer dinghy, for boats or smaller ships. The dinghy can hang in a davit or lie in a boat shed; the dinghy is used as a ship's boat when anchoring or on the ship or when moving in ports.

Sail jolle
A sailing dinghy is an open sailboat with centre table instead of a fixed keel. Sailboats are available with transom as a contender and pointed holes similar to a B-canoe . There are both one-man dinghies similar to the OK dinghy, optimist dinghy or two-man dinghies, such as a 49er or 470. Sailing dinghies were often used for racing.
“Jolle” is a small rowing boat, which is a companion boat to a larger boat or ship. The jolle can either hang in a davit or lie in a boat shed and also be towed after the larger boat. The jolle is used as a ship boat to get around in ports or when anchoring on the ship.

Source: Wikipedia and Aak to Zumbra.
Sweden 2004 sg 2332. Scott?, and 2017 sg?, Scott?
2017 JOLLE.jpg
2004 jolle The-archipelago-of-Stockholm.jpg
2017 jolle 1.jpg

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