25 de MAYO brig 1811

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25 de MAYO brig 1811

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For the 150th anniversary of the battle of San Nicolas, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of ... col%C3%A1s Argentine issued one stamp of 2p which show us the Argentinian squadron, of which the vessel in front is given as the 25 de MAYO.

The Brig 25 de MAYO was a ship of the Argentine Navy that participated in the Argentine War of Independence and the civil wars.
The Polacca (type of xebec) NUESTRA SENORA DE CAIDAS with Buenos Aires registry, purchased in December 1810 by the commander of the Navy and deputy to the Junta Grande Francisco de Gurruchaga , was converted into a brig ,and placed under the command of Hipólito Bouchard , who was second in command to Ángel Hubac and boatswain to Luis Rafia . The ship was 26 meters long, 5.5 meters wide, 3 meters depth, and 2.3m draught, with a tonnage of 180 tons.
Crewed by 80 men and armed with 14 carronades of 12 pdr. (7 per side), 2 cannons of 12 pdr, on the fo’c’sle, and 2 of 8 pdr, on the stern, it set sail from Buenos Aires on 22 February 1811 as a unit of the first revolutionary squadron, commanded by Juan Bautista Azopardo and also formed by the schooner INVENCIBLE (flagship) and the balandra (trawler) AMERICA.
After arriving at San Nicolás de los Arroyos, on 02 March the squadron faced the Spanish squadron commanded by the frigate captain Jacinto de Romarate .In the battle of San Nicolás, most of the inexperienced crew of the 25 de MAYO and the AMERICA abandoned their ships, the INVENCIBLE being the only one who stayed in the battle until she was boarded and captured.
Bouchard remained on deck until wounded and almost boarded by the brig CISNE, he jumped into the water. On May 25 he was transferred to Montevideo, along with his two companion ships, where a prison court considered him a pirate, declaring him good catch on 09 April and awarding it to his captors, passing under the name PARANÁ to join the squadron of the Montevideo Naval Station.
On 13 March 1811, Romarate wrote to the viceroy from Colonia del Sacramento:
“I have the honor of keeping my word by placing at the command of Your Excellency the INVINCIBLE schooner armed with twelve guns, eight of them eight pdrs. guns and the remaining twelve pdrs., the brig 25 de MAYO with fourteen carronades of twelve pdrs, two ditto cannons forward and two eight pdrs. to stern and the AMERICA sloop with a six pdr. rotating cannon and two-three pdrs.-to-three on the sides, which I just fitted out in this port with the other ships of my Division” .
In July 1811 the PARANÁ participated in the bombardment of Corrientes under the command of Manuel de Clemente y Miró .
At the end of the Naval Campaign of 1814, in April 1814 the new squadron of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata under the command of Guillermo Brown blockaded the port of Montevideo. The PARANÁ was stranded near the dock "in the direction of Aguada" and disarmed its armament, it was transferred to defend the city.
Surrendered Montevideo to the patriotic forces, PARANÁ was handed over by order of General Carlos María de Alvear, commander of the revolutionary forces, as property to the merchant Javier de Igarzábal. Faced with Brown's protests, the measure was revoked and PARANÁ re-joined the squadron.
Used to transport part of the war material captured in Montevideo to Buenos Aires, in August 1814 it was put into reserve and destined for a prison pontoon and powder magazine until the end of that year. During this period, she was under the command of Captain Eduardo Denney between November and December, then under the command of Sergeant Major Juan Filestone Tracker.
In 1815 she returned to the service under the command of Sergeant Major Miguel Ferrer and when the Alvear uprising occurred in April, she joined the naval force destined to repress it, then going on to carry out surveillance tasks in the Río de la Plata under the command of Lieutenant Bartolomé Cerretti .
On 06 February 1816, the general commander of the Navy, Colonel Matías de Irigoyen, considering "that the ship must once again have such a glorious day for us and in which we take the dignity of free men" requested that the ship returns to its original name. By decree of 07 February 1816, the government agreed to the request, and the name 25 de MAY was restored.
In March of that year, she was sent to reinforce the forces of the Directory in operations against the province of Santa Fe . It was later stationed on Martín García Island, where from October it served as a prison ship for political detainees under the command of Sergeant Major Tomás Fermín Jones.
In January 1817 she was transferred to Punta Lara as a pontoon but in June, commanded again by Bartolomé Cerretti, she was mobilized to Martín García to prevent Portuguese vessels from entering the Uruguay and Paraná rivers.
During the year 1818 she convoyed merchant ships until, due to having several damages and open seams, she went to repair in Barracas. After being rearmed with 2 guns of 18 pdrs,, 10 of 8 pdrs, and 4 swivels. In 1819 she was assigned to San Nicolás with the mission of controlling the sector up to Punta Gorda battling the armed boats that responded to the caudillo Francisco Ramírez . After a period in which she was assigned to the Buenos Aires Reservation in order to suppress smuggling, she returned to San Nicolás until the Treaty of Pilar put an end to the conflict. According to what was agreed, the 25 de MAYO transferred supplies delivered by Buenos Aires to Ramírez.
In August 1820 she passed a strong rapid in the Río de la Plata but despite the damage it suffered, the squadron went to fight Ramírez in which the leader of the Province of Entre Ríos was defeated and isolated, thereafter the 25 de MAYO returned to the port of Buenos Aires.
After a large-scale mutiny (it was described as a"riot" ), the ship went into partial disarmament. With its complete rearmament finally decided, 2 guns of 18 pdrs,, 10 of 8 pdrs, and 2 carronades of 8 pdrs. were mounted.
In April she joined the Paraná squadron in a fight with Manuel Monteverde. Defeated Monteverde in the Combat of La Boca del Colastiné on 26 July 1821, 25 de MAYO returned to Buenos Aires to be withdrawn from service, In mid-1822 where after she was scrapped.

https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergant%C3%ADn_25_de_Mayo Google translated.
Argentine 1961 2p sg 1007, Scott?
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