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Transatlantic liners on Polish postage stamps
23/07/2021 | Polish Post

Poczta Polska put into circulation three postage stamps of the issue of "Polish Atlantic Ocean". The circulation of each of them is 140,000. The new series of "Polish Ocean Lines" was delivered to post offices all over the country on July 23 this year.
The author of the stamp designs is the artist Marzanna Dąbrowska, and the three Polish pre-war ocean liners depicted on them: SS Polonia, SS Pulaski and SS Kościuszko, were painted by the marine artist Adam Werka.

The first stamp shows the SS Polonia viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17773 ocean liner. This steamer was built in 1910 in Glasgow. It came to Poland in 1930 and was initially used by the Polish Transatlantic Ship Society (PTTO), and then, from October 1934, by Gdynia-America Shipping Lines SA. SS Polonia served the Gdynia-Copenhagen-Halifax-New York line and from 1933 the so-called Palestinian line, running on the route Constanta-Istanbul-Yafa-Haifa-Piraeus-Istanbul-Constanta.

The second stamp shows the ocean liner SS Kościuszko viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17775 This ship, like the Polish diaspora, found its way to the Polish Transatlantic Ship Society in 1930. It sailed on New York, Palestinian, and South American lines and as a cruise liner. On the eve of the outbreak of World War II, he was sent to Great Britain. In 1941, he was under the flag of the Polish Navy, where she operated as an army transport ship, taking part, among others, in landing in Sicily.

SS Pulaski http://www.shipstamps.co.uk/forum/viewt ... 85814d807b is the third steamer shown on the "Polish Transatlantic" stamp series. From 1930, it sailed under the Polish flag on the Gdynia-New York route. In 1932, a steamer transported the Polish Olympic team to the Games in Los Angeles. In 1936, the Pułaski SS unit was redirected to the Gdynia-Buenos Aires route. After the outbreak of World War II, Polish soldiers, previously interned in Hungary and Romania, were transported onboard to France, where they could join the army formed there and continue to fight alongside the Allies.

Poczta Polska supplemented the series "Polish Transatlantic Lines" with thematic envelopes on the first day of circulation. They show individual ships in the paintings of Adam Werka in war clothes and their sketches by Marek Twardowski.
For over a quarter of a century, there have been no Polish passenger liners on transatlantic routes - they have been replaced by planes. The white and red flag flying them for 57 years. The history of Polish ocean passenger shipping was made up of nine transatlantic liners, several thousand sailors and officers working on them. In addition to this year's three, Poczta Polska wants to show another 6 ocean liners in the coming years: Piłsudski, Batory, Sobieski, Chrobry, Jagiełło and Stefan Batory.

About stamps:
author of the designs: Marzanna Dąbrowska
number of stamps: 3
value: PLN 3.30 each
circulation: 140,000 each stamp
printing technique: offset
stamp format: 76.5 x 31.25 mm
sales sheet: 6 stamps

https://infowire.pl/generic/release/682 ... ttachments Google translated

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