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In 2021 Russia used two stamps and a miniature sheet which shows us the Arctic Gate Terminal and the tanker SHTURMAN ALBANOV.
The Arctic Gate terminal, located in the water area of the Ob Bay near the village of Cape Kamenny, is designed for year-round shipment of oil from the Novoportovskoye oil and gas condensate field to tankers. The terminal is located in fresh waters, the thickness of the ice around it in winter can exceed 2 meters — this required the use of unique technical solutions that ensure its reliable operation in the conditions of the Far North. The accompanying infrastructure has been built on the shore of the Gulf of Ob: underwater and onshore oil pipelines with a length of more than 10.5 km, a tank farm, and pumping stations with a water impact protection system that guarantees the tightness of the pipeline. The installation of the Arctic Gate terminal, whose total height exceeds 80 m, was carried out with the help of one of the world's largest crane vessels OLEG STRASHNOV with a lifting capacity of 5 thousand tons.

The NAVIGATOR ALBANOV (wrongly given it is SHTURMAN ALBANOV, shturman translated is “mate” on a vessel) is the first of six Arc7 class tankers built to provide year-round oil export from the Novoportovskoye field. The cargo capacity of the vessel is about 38 thousand tons of oil. The vessel is designed taking into account the shallow depths of the Gulf of Ob and the climatic conditions of the Arctic. The maximum draft of the tanker in fresh water is 9.5 m. At the same time, its width and length correspond to the dimensions of a tanker with a cargo capacity twice as large. The NAVIGATOR ALBANOV can move independently in the ice through a channel previously prepared by a nuclear icebreaker. The tanker's hull is made of special high-strength and low-temperature resistant steel, the wall thickness is increased. The vessel is equipped with a bow loading device that allows you to attach, hold the tanker and receive oil from the Arctic Gate terminal. Without an icebreaker escort, the vessel can overcome ice up to 1.8 m thick with the stern and up to 1.4 m with the bow. The tanker is equipped with rotary steering columns that can rotate 360 degrees around its axis, which gives additional maneuverability when moving bow and stern.
The ship is named after the navigator who took part in the polar expedition on the steam schooner "Saint Anna".

The postage stamps depict the Arctic oil loading terminal "Gates of the Arctic" and the tanker NAVIGATOR ALBANOV. ... 38649.aspx

Built as a shallow-draught shuttle-tanker under yard no 2132 by the Samsung Heavy Industries Shipyard, Geoje, South Korea for account of Tempio Shipping Co. Ltd, Dubai.
26 October 2015 laid down.
20 February 1916 launched as the SHTURMAN ALBANOV.
Displacement 63,186 ton, 44,354 grt, 13,306 nrt, 41,455 dwt. Dim. 248.92 x 34.00 x 15.00m., draught 9.50m.
Powered diesel electric by two Azipods, 11,000 each, speed 14 knots.
Ice class Arc7.
20 July 2016 christened at Pusan.
16 August 2016 delivered to owners. Homeport St Petersburg, managed by SCF Management Services (St Petersburg) Ltd. IMO no 9752084.

She is designed specifically to haul oil from the Vorota Arktika (Gates of the Arctic) terminal near Mys Kamennyy, the terminal for Gazpromneft's Novoportovskoye field. The terminal is located on the east side of the Yamal Poluostrov that is on the west shore of southern Obskaya Guba. The water level is only about 10 m deep in places, which explains the need for a shallow-draft vessel, and for its unusually great breadth, in order to achieve maximum capacity.
It will transport the oil year-round, west via Yuogorskiy Shar or Karskiye Vorota and across the Barents Sea to Murmansk where it will transfer its cargo to the storage tanker UMBA ... A6F#fig001
Russia 2021 30R sg?, Scott? and MS sg?, Scott?
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