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Austria issued in 1981 one stamp for the 800th anniversary of St Nikola on Danube, Upper Austria. https://www.stnicholascenter.org/around ... -der-donau

The stamp depicts the coat of arms of the village, which shows us Saint Nikolaus standing in a boat.

Nikolaus von Myra, born between 270 and 286 in Patara; † December 6, 326, 345, 351 or 365 ) is one of the most famous saints of the Eastern and Latin Churches. His feast day, December 6th is celebrated throughout Christianity and is associated with numerous customs.
Nicholas worked in the first half of the 4th century as Bishop of Myra in the Lycia region of Asia Minor, then part of the Roman, later the Byzantine Empire, now Turkey. His Greek name Nikólaos means "victory of the people" and was already in use in pre-Christian times.


Historical person
There are few proven facts about the life of the historical Nicholas. Myra in Lycia, now Demre, is a small town about 100 km southwest of Antalya in what is now Turkey. In the 4th century, the place was a bishopric, the inhabitants spoke Greek. Reports about Nikolaus' life come e.g. B. by Andreas of Crete (around 700) and by a monk Johannes from the Studitenkloster in Constantinople, which was founded in the 5th century. According to consistent traditions, Nicholas was born between 270 and 286 in Patara, a city in Lycia. According to tradition, after he was born, when 19 he came under the wings of his uncle Nicholas, the bishop of Myra Ordained priest and then abbot of the Sion monastery near Myra. He was captured and tortured during the persecution of Christians. He distributed his inherited fortune among the needy. This is also reported by the better-attested bishops of the 4th century, Ambrose of Milan and Basil of Caesarea, and is considered a historical fact there.

There are various legends about Nicholas.
Seamen who got into distress at sea called on St. Nicholas in their dangerous situation. A man endowed with miraculous powers appeared to them and took over the navigation, set the sails correctly and even brought the storm to bear. Then the man disappeared again. When the sailors in Myra Church prayed in thanks for their salvation, they recognized the saint and thanked him. Because of this and similar stories, Nicholas became the patron saint of seafarers

Source: Wikipedia and internet.
Austria 1981 4s sg1921 Scott?
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