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The 80 + 40 Pf stamp shows us a farmhouse at Spreewald, Germany within the foreground two kahn’s. (punt)

The German region Spreewald in the state of Brandenburg, where the punts are used to move between the small villages. The Spreewald region (named from the river Spree and wald = forest) is known for its traditional irrigation system, consisting of more than 200 small canals (called Fließe; total length: 1,300 kilometers or 810 miles) within the 484-square-kilometer (187 sq mi) area. In the spring, summer, and autumn seasons a special post-punt is used to deliver letters and parcels. It is popular for tourists to explore the Spreewald in punts.

The first kahn in Spreewald was made out of a tree trunk which was scooped out whit a round ax or by burning, this dugout was used until the middle of the 19th century.
At the beginning of the last century, the kahn was made from several longitudinally planks with a few ribs and thwarts. Nowadays mostly made of steel. Flat bottom.
Dim. long 9.50m, wide 1.90m.
Powered and steered by a long pole made of ash wood with a length of 4.0 m.

With the creation of the road network, the kahn in the Spreewald lost its importance as the main means of transport. Nowadays its main use is to introduce tourists to see Spreewald from the water.
For fields that are difficult to reach, the barge is still used today to transport crops and harvesting vehicles.

Various internet sites and Wikipedia.
Germany 1996 100Pf sg2712, Scott ?. and 80 + 40Pf sg2742, Scott?
1996 Stamp_Germany_Briefmarke_Bauernhaus_Spreewald (2).jpg
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1996 Spreewald (2).jpg
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