FLOBART type of French fishing vessel

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FLOBART type of French fishing vessel

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The French La Poste issued in August 2021 collectors set of stamps for “La Route Poisson” (The Fish Route) the transport of the fish before truck transport took over, from Boulognesur Mer to Paris, this historic event will take place in September 2021 when 400 working horses take part in a race from Boulognesur Mer to Paris. It is the largest working horse race in Europe.

Two stamps show us coastal fishing vessel on this stamp the boat is pulled onshore by two Boulonnais horses, is given as a “flobart”, within the background two other fishing vessel of which the nearest most probably is also a “flobart” under sail
Aak to Zumbra gives off the “flobart”, used in northern France, a very seaworthy fishing boat that worked from the Picardy and northern Normandy coasts. First mentioned in the mid-17th century, now mostly motorized, but a few still sail. Light clinker planking, wide top strake, and many now of fibreglass. Flat bottom, straight keel, sharp turn of the bilges into deep vertical sides. Full bows, plump stem; deep raking transom stern; strong sheer; open. Outboard rudder; tiller; centreboard.
Mainmast stepped well forward, setting a loose-footed dipping lugsail, mast unshipped while tending the nets or pots. Small mizzenmast at the stern carried a standing lugsail sheeted to a long outrigger; mast stepped off centre to enhance tiller handling. Jib to a long rising bowsprit lashed on the mast.
Oar ports cut into gunwales.
Crew 5 – 6
Reported lengths 3.25 – 9m., length-to-beam ratio 2 – 1, shallow draft

More information is given on the French website: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flobart

Taken from Aak to Zumbra a dictionary of the World’s Watercraft. And info received from Mr. Araignon.
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