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Postby shipstamps » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:43 pm

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Built as an iron clipper by Walter Hood & Co. Aberdeen for the Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co., Aberdeen, Scotland.
May 1875 launched as the SALAMIS.
Tonnage 1130 gross, 1079 ton net, dim. 221.6 x 36 x 21,7ft.
Not fitted out to carry passengers.
Ship rigged.

She was built after the same lines of her predecessor the THERMOPYLAE, she was only a little bit larger.
The intention was to use her outward to Australia and then in the tea trade from China but when she was ready most of the tea trade was taken over by steamers and the SALAMIS was placed only in the trade between the U.K and Australia. General cargo out, wool home.
06 July 1875 she left London under command of Capt, Phillips bound for Australia.
Making only one tea voyage after her second voyage to Australia when she sailed from Melbourne to China and with a cargo of tea sailed home from Hong Kong in 110 days.
As a wool clipper she set a wonderful record when she made 13 voyages home from pilot to pilot in an average passage of 75 days, and outward in 77 days.
1894 Captain R.B.B.McKilliam took over command.
She was used mostly in the trade to Melbourne till she was sold.

1898 Sold to L. Gunderson, Norway and used in the guano trade, rerigged as a barque.
20 May 1905 wrecked on Malden Island (Kiribati) while most probably gathering guano.

Paraguay 1979 7g sg?, scott 1905e.

Source: The Colonial Clippers by Basil Lubbock. ... ndex=99415
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Postby john sefton » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:00 pm

She is said by Basil Lubbock to have been virtually an iron copy of the composite Thermopylae and that Bernard Waymouth, designer of the latter, adapted the plans; but she was l0ft longer and lft deeper, her actual dimensions being 221.6ft x 36.0ft x 21.75ft for register, with tonnages of 1020 3/4' under deck, 1130 gross and 1078 net register. Walter Hood & Co, Aberdeen, built her in 1875 for George Thompson & Co, London. She was intended to trade out to Australia and then bring home tea, but in fact she never did precisely this. On her maiden voyage she took 68 days out to Melbourne in 1875 from Start Point, but came home with wool. On her second voyage, she took 76 days out to Melbourne, crossed over to Shanghai in only 32 days from Sydney but then, even after going to Hong Kong, was unable to get a tea cargo because of the low freights and so brought home 18,000 bags of sugar to London in 119 days in 1876‑77. On her third voyage, Captain Phillips twice crossed over to Shanghai in an attempt to load tea for London, but with freights only £1 15s per ton or less, he twice returned to Australia, and finally came back to London with wool. No further attempts were made to load tea.
She proved a fast and successful ship in the wool trade, thirteen consecutive outward passages to Melbourne averaging 75 days, pilot to pilot. So she continued until 1899 when sold to L Gundersund of Porsgrund, Norway; she was wrecked on Malden Island, South Pacific, on 20 May 1905.

Tea Clippers David R MacGregor.

Paraguay SG?
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Postby Anatol » Tue May 04, 2021 4:12 pm

Clipper SALAMIS.jpg
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SALAMIS (1875 - 1905), wool Clipper. The design stamp is made after painting of Jack Spurling.
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