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Plans by Russia to keep a regular Polar service needed some large and strong icebreakers, four icebreakers were ordered designed after the drawings of the ERMAK.
The first of the four, was the JOSEPH STALIN., also given as IOSIF STALIN or JOSEF STALIN.

Built as an icebreaker by the Ordzhonikidze yard (Baltic Works) at Leningrad for the Russian Government.
14 August 1937 launched under the name JOSEPH STALIN, three sisterships.
Tonnage 4.866 grt., displacement 11.000 ton, dim. 107 x 23 x 9.3m. (draught).
Three triple expansion steamengines, 10.050 hp., when passing through ice, three stern propellers one bow propeller, speed 15.5 knots.
Coal fired boilers. Bunker capacity 4.000 tons.
Diesel electric powered for cruising speed..
Armament 2 – 13 inch, 4 – 7.6 inch guns.
Fitted out with a catapult and carried three water planes.
Crew 142.
1939 Completed.

1939 She made the first voyage from Murmansk to the Bight of Providenija and return in one navigation season.
She led the GEORGY SEDOV out of the ice after the completion of her historic icedrft for over 800 days in 1940.

During World War II based in the northerly waters.
17 January 1942 she came under attack of German bomber planes, and was damaged. After this attack she was put under much greater protection of other units of the Russian fleet. The large icebreakers were essential for the war efforts, and could not be lost.

After World War II modernized, the aft mast was removed and a helicopter platform installed.
After Stalin was fallen from grace, she was renamed in SIBIR.
1973 Broken up in Hong Kong.

Russia 1940 15k sg898, scott 772, 50k sg?, scott 774, on the 50k is she given in the foreground of the stamp, while the GEORGY SEDOV is in the background.
Russia 1977 14k sg4658, as the SIBIR..

Source: Navicula. Jane’s Fighting ships of World War II.
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