Waikato H.M.N.Z.S.

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Waikato H.M.N.Z.S.

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The New Zealand Naval stamp (28 cents) depicts in the foreground the general purpose frigate H.M.N.Z.S. Waikato, built by Harland and Wolff, Belfast. Laid down on January 10, 1964, launched on February 18, 1965, and completed on September 19, 1966, she was occupied on acceptance trials in the United Kingdom until the spring of 1967. She arrived in New Zealand in May 1967. Standard displacement is 2,205 tons; fully loaded 2,800 tons. Complement is 257. Length (o.a.) is 372 ft., beam 41 ft., and draft 13 ft. 8 ins. Her engines comprise two sets of double-reduction geared turbines, developing 30,000 s.h.p. and giving a speed of 30 knots. Two Babcock and Wilcox boilers supply steam. She carries one Wasp helicopter armed with homing torpedoes, and is also armed with two 4.5 in. guns in twin turrets and smaller weapons and depth charges.
The cruiser in the background is the Achilles of River Plate fame. She is now the Delhi, the first major unit of the Indian Navy, taken over in July 1948 from New Zealand, and formerly of the Royal Navy. She was laid down on June 11 1931 at Cammell Laird's yard, Birkenhead, launched on September 1, 1932 and completed on October 10, 1933. Her standard displacement is 7,030 tons and full load displacement 9,740 tons. Dimensions are: length 554 ft., beam 55 ft., draft 20 ft., and her main armament consists of six 6 in. guns. Secondary armament comprises eight 4 in, and she also has 15 40 m.m. anti-aircraft guns. She carries eight 21 in. torpedo tubes. Propelling machinery is a set of Parsons geared turbines, developing 72,000 s.h.p. taking steam from four Admiralty 3-drum type boilers. Speed is 32 knots and complement 680.
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Re: Waikato H.M.N.Z.S.

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HMNZS WAIKATO, named after the New Zealand North Island district Waikato.
Christened by Princess Alexandra.

She was a general-purpose Leander class frigate. After her trials in the U.K. she sailed to New Zealand where she arrived in May 1967.
Between 1967/77 refitted on the Devonport Naval Dockyard at Auckland, and recommissioned on 06 August 1977.
During her refit was her helicopter hangar extended and six 12.75 inch torpedo tubes were added.
03 July 1998 decommissioned at the Devonport Naval Base at Auckland.

Thereafter was she bought by the Tutukaka Promotions Society to be used as an artificial reef for divers on the coast of New Zealand.
She was been prepared for scuttling at Opua, cleaned of all her oil and stripped of all her usable parts. The job took 5 months.
Holes were cut at her top of her internal bulkheads to allow air quickly to escape in a planned fashion whilst she was sinking in order to ensure that she settled upright on the seabed.
23 November 2000 was she towed from Opua by the tug WAINUI.

25 November 2000 she was scuttled off Middle Gable Headland, 2 kilometres north of Tutukaka Harbour entrance in a position of approx. 35 37S 174 33E.
Explosives were fired in her bow to get her plunging down followed by explosives in her stern. Altogether 12 explosives were used which ripped large holes in her bottom plates.
Air and water blowing above the sinking ship. She sank in two minutes and 40 seconds, and is now lying 28 meter below sea level with a slight list to port.

Source: Leander class frigates. Australian & New Zealand Warships since 1946.
Sunday Star Times of 26 November 2000. Michael Pryce. Historical Sketches of Watercraft on Stamps.

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