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Postby shipstamps » Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:27 pm

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Threeenasted schooner acquired in early '50s by Austrian pioneer swimdioer Hans Hass to lead scientific expeditions to explore oceanic coral reefs in grand style throughout the world Among his sensational result was the first underwater encounter between a human and a sperm whale.
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Re: Xarifa

Postby Arturo » Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:19 pm

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Xarifa (3 Masted Schooner) 1927

Built in Samuel White & Co., Cowes, England. Designed by engineer J.M. Soper 380 tons; Her dimensions 44.88m x 8.55m x 4.55m, (draught), length on the waterline 36.48m; one 4-cyl. Gardner diesel engine, 140 hp., 8 knot, sail area up to 1,386 square metres.

The 3-mast schooner yacht Xarifa (which means in Arabic, the beautiful one), was built in 1927, by Samuel White & Co., Cowes, England for the American F.M. Singer, and was launched as the Xarifa (II). Maybe she was too small for the owner, as he soon ordered a new yacht, also named Xarifa (III) delivered in 1930.

In 1930, the Xarifa (II), was sold to Edward Mauger an English businessman and owner of many newspapers, and renamed Radiant. In 1936, she was sold to the Belgian Baron Louis Empain, and renamed L'oiseu Blanc (White Bird). She was then under command of Captain Carlier with a crew of 40 men. She was later sold, most probably before the Second World War, but the information is difficult to find, except that she did carry the names Capitana, Georgette and Capitone, with unknown owners.

In 1951, she was again sold to the well-known German diver Hans Hass for 500,000 Mark in Copenhagen, Denmark were she was at the time, used as a cargo vessel. She was then fitted as a research vessel by the yard Norderwerft of Johann Köser, at Glückstadt near Hamburg, Germany. She was then again renamed Xarifa. Under command of Captain Johann Diebisch and a crew of 12, Hass used her for his expeditions. The last expedition was to the Nicobar Islands, India.

After the Nicobar trip, she was left in Singapore where Hass loaned her to the British Navy to be used for training of naval officers. It took Hass two years more to find a buyer for her; after all, she was a very large sailing vessel. The buyer was the owner of Coca Cola Italy, Carlo Traglio. Hass then sailed the Xarifa from Singapore back to the Mediterranean.

She is now homeport in Monaco, where she leads the life of a luxury yacht doing only short trips. She was refitted in 1970 and now has a Deutz diesel of 230 hp.,a sail area of 548 square metres and is still, the most recent refit in 2014 at the Metalships & Docks Shipyards located in Spain.

Xarifa is currently available for charter and accommodation aboard Xarifa was designed for up to 12 charter guests, with interior of the guest cabins boasting fine woods and luxury materials. The Captan’s cabin is situated at the stern along with two double bed cabins and the prow features to single bed cabins. All of the cabins are equipped with internal phones, internet connection, satellite TV, spacious, individual en suite bathrooms and individual air conditioning control. There are beautifully preserved antique portholes, providing light from the outside. Together with the captain’s cabin there is accommodation for seven crew members in total.

The main engine, a Caterpillar 3406 with a power of 400 BHP, has been preserved and is capable of reaching 9 knots speed. The engine was fully repaired by the Official Technical Service and sensors have been installed in order to monitor it from the control board of the schooner.

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