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Built as an extreme composite clipper ship by Robert Steele & Co., Greenock for Alexander Rodger & Co., Glasgow. She was the first composite tea clipper built by Steele.
24 Dec. 1863 launched under the name TAEPING.
Tonnage 767 net under deck, dim. 183.7 x 31.1 x 19.9ft. (draught).
Built of greenheart planking and teak secured to iron frames.

Her first voyage from Shanghai loaded with tea was on 01 July 1864, bound for London under command of Capt. MacKinnon. Towed 22 days later by HM gunboat FLAMER into Amoy, having lost her bowsprit, figurehead, foremast and main and mizzen topmast overboard during a typhoon off Formosa.
08 October sailed from Amoy and after a passage of 88 days arrived off Deal.

08 February 1865 sailed from London bound for Hong Kong where she arrived after a passage of 94 days.
29 June 1865 sailed from Shanghai and arrived at London on 27 October after a passage of 104 days.

Her next voyage she got the most fame, when she sailed from Foochow on 30 May 1866, with on board 1.108.709 lbs. of tea, at that time 14 tea clippers were loading at Foochow, The ARIEL was the first to depart, but by accidents during her tow down streams was she delayed, and the FIERY CROSS obtained a start of one day over the other. The SERICA, ARIEL and TAEPING crossed the bar of Foochow on the 30th May. The TAITSING sailed the next day. The first part of the race was to Anjer in the Sunda Strait were the FIERY CROSS first passed on 18 June, the TAEPING passed Anjer on the 20 June together with the ARIEL, the SERICA passed the strait on the 22nd. The FIERY CROSS increased her lead by a day at the longitude of Mauritius. Then she closed the Natal coast to obtain the best of the Agulhas Current, while the other three ships sailed more to the south for a better wind. After passing the Cape of Good Hope the TAEPING took a course close to the African coast and when she passed St Helena on the 27 July she was one day ahead of the FIERY CROSS and SERICA, and the ARIEL passed St Helena on the 29th.
The same day the FIERY CROSS, TAEPING and ARIEL passed the equator, in the vicinity of the Azores the ARIEL took the lead by one day, she and the TAEPING entered the English Channel together, both passed the Lizard on 5 September at 08.00am, under full canvas and with a strong south westerly wind, the next day she arrived at the pilot station at Dungeness, and both took on board the pilot at 06.00 am, and the race was on till arriving in the Downs where she took steam tugs around 08.00 am the same day. The TAEPING was the luckiest vessel she took the stronger and faster tug, and she arrived 55 minutes before the ARIEL at Gravesend. The race was not over yet both ships had to be towed to the docks, the ARIEL had the shorter distance to East India Dock, but due to her draught had to wait before she could enter the dock, the TAEPING entered the dock 20 minutes ahead of the ARIEL and she won the 10 shilling a ton premium freight, but by the two owners of the vessels it was agreed to share the extra freight.
1st) TAEPING docked at the London Dock on 06 Sept. at 09.45 pm.
2nd) ARIEL decked in East India Dock on 6 Sept. at 10.15 pm.
3rd SERICA docked in West India dock on 6 Sept. at 11.30pm.
4th) FIERY CROSS docked in London dock on 8 Sept. 08.00am.
5th) TAITSING arrived some hours after the arrival of the FIERY CROSS on the Thames.

During her next voyage to Shanghai Capt. MacKinnon due to illness was landed at Algoa Bay, on 3 December 1866 he died during his voyage home at Table Bay, aged 41. Command was taken over at Algoa Bay by the first mate Dowdy. At that time she had a crew of 26 men.

After loading 1.099.900 lbs of tea at Foochow, she sailed on 3 June 1867 from that port, crossed the bar at 11.45am. the next day the bar and she rounded the Cape of Good Hope on the 01 August and docked in the London Dock on 15 Sept. at 02.00pm after a passage of 102 days 2½ days after sailing from the River Min.
She was the first vessel that season which arrived home with the new tea.

She sailed again to the Far East and loaded tea at Foochow, sailed 28 May 1868, passed Cape of Good Hope on the 20 July and arrived London 03 Sept. after a passage of 102 days.

Her next voyage again to the Far East for a load of tea, she sailed from Foochow on 13 July 1869 and arrived off Deal on the 23 October after a passage of 102 days.

She sailed for Shanghai but due to bad weather had to shelter in the Plymouth Sound, she sailed on 27th November and after a passage of 97 days arrived at Shanghai on 04 March 1870.
Sailed from Canton after loading tea on 05 June and arrived at London on 28 September after a passage of 115 days.

Sailed again for the Far East under command of Capt. Gissing, loaded tea at Amoy and sailed the 08 September 1871 bound for New York.
She ran aground on Ladd’s Reef in the China Sea and was lost, the men got off in boats but only the mate’s boat with six men onboard survived when she were picked up after three days drifting.

The name on the Penrhyn stamp as given TEAPING is incorrect.

Grenada 1996 $1 sg 3144, scott 2560g
Penrhyn Islands 1981 50c sg181 and sg201.

Source: The Tea Clippers by David R MacGrecor.

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Grenada 1996 $1 sg3144, scott 2560g
Sierra Leone 2016 Le 6000 sg?, scott?
2016 taeping.jpg
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Penrhyn Islands 1981, S.G.?, Scott: 163d.

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The design stamp is made after painting of Jack Spurling.
St. Kitts 2020; (6x3$). Source: http://www.spurlingandrouxwatercolours.com/index.html
Clipper TAEPING.jpg

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