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Postby shipstamps » Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:21 pm

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The PAOPAO a one-man paddling outrigger canoe used in the Samoa Islands and Central Pacific, used for lagoon fishing and harbour transportation.
It is a fine-lined dugout hull; tumble home to topsides sometimes with an inside flange to aid in supporting the booms.
Bottom rocker toward the stern, deeper at the bow; sharp, concave bow generally has small raised, square-cut knops on top surface; block left as handle at the tapered stern. Two or three booms extended out port side to the slender float; connected with two pairs of divergent stanchions, or pegged directly into the float from a fork in the boom.
Float tapered to chisel point forward, the end roughly aligning with the bow.
Sometimes has a small spritsail.
Reported lengths 3.1 – 5.5m; e.g., length 5.1m, beam 0.37m, dept at bow 0.36m.
Spelling variant PAU-PAU.

Samoa 1990 18s sg 840, scott 769.

Copied from: Aak to Zumbra, A Dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
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Postby Arturo » Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:11 pm

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Paopao (Fishing Canoe)

A small single outrigger canoe, used in fishing in the quiet waters within the shelter of the reefs. It is a dugout, without washstrakes, of up to 17 feet in lenght.

The forward end sheers slightly upwards and the bow is concave in profile. The bottom is straight, except towards the stern, and in the transverse section it is well rounded.

The outrigger consists of two booms which are attached to the long float by two pairs stanchions and a senit brace. At the extremity of the tapered stern a cube or solid knob of wood is left.

Samoa 1935, S.G.?, Scott: 168.

Source: Miscallenous Watercrafts by Stirling Cameron (WP)
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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:51 pm

1990 paopao.jpg
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2021 vaka paopao Traditional-Canoes.jpg
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Samoa 1990 18s sg 840, Scott 769.
Walles et Futuna 2021 sg?, scott?
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