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The non-magnetic 3-masted auxiliary research schooner Zarja (333 gross tons) built in 1952 and registered at Leningrad. In 1958 she made a research voyage to South Atlantic waters in connection with the International Geophysical Year (which the stamp commemorates), leaving Leningrad with Soviet scientists on board in August 1957.
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Non-magnetic schooner "Zarja" - Soviet research vessel to study the Earth's magnetic field; three-masted sailing motor schooner with a gaff (1976 - Bermuda) rigged. During the operation was the world's only non-magnetic research vessel . Built at the shipyard in Finland "Layvateollisuus" in Turku in 1952 commissioned by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR on the basis of wooden fishing schooner. The ship served the team of twenty-seven, excluding the nine scientists: geophysicists magnetism, specialists in radio electronics. Built "Zarja" of non-magnetic materials: wooden case lined with brass plates to the waterline. Fastening rigging, anchor and other devices are made of non-ferrous metals. The schooner is equipped with apparatus for recording and recording of the magnetic field of the Earth. In 1976, the "Zarja" was held overhaul. It established new mast made of nonmagnetic alloys, gaff-rigged replaced Bermuda. Activities schooner began in 1956, and by 1964 "Zarja" has passed more than 300 thousand kilometers. Routes it took place mainly in the South Pacific. The main objective of the vessel - magnetic declination register. As a result of the vessel have been identified previously unknown magnetic anomalies. Pooled data magnetometry derived from studies on water, on land and at high altitudes in the air, allowed to test and refine the understanding of the structure of the magnetic field of the Earth as a whole, as well as its distribution and origin.
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