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MUKRAN and most probably KLAIPEDA

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MUKRAN and most probably KLAIPEDA

Postby shipstamps » Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:58 pm

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On 02 October 1986, the German Democratic Republic and the USSR opened a 270-mile railway ferry route between Klaipeda (formerly Memel), Lithuania, and Mukran on Rugen Island.
Five ferries built by Mathias Thesen Wismar will operate on the route. Aside from the good economic reasons for linking main Russian railway lines directly with East German lines, Linn’s Stamp News reports that an unmentioned strategic reason is to bypass the Polish rail line.
Stamps were issued on 23 September 1986 to mark the occasion. The DDR issued two 50pf setenant stamps, the left stamp depicting a train approaching the ramp, and the right stamp showing the ferry MUKRAN. The Russian 15k stamp shows an aerial view of the ferry KLAIPEDA.

KLAIPEDA built as a ro-ro ferry under yard No 322 by VEB Mathias-Thesen-Werft, Wismar, East Germany for the Lithuanian Shipping Co. (LISCO), Klaipeda, Litauen.
15 July 1986 first section laid down.
26 November 1986 launched, four sisterships the MUKRAN, GREIFSWALD, KAUNAS and VILNIUS.
Tonnage 21.890 gross, 6.567 net, 12.020 dwt., dim. 190.93 x 26.01 x 7.18m. (draught).
Powered by four Halberstadt S.K.L 6VDS46/42 AL-2 diesel engines, 10.600 kW, geared to two shafts. Speed 16 knots. Fitted out with two rudders.
Ice strengthened.
Accommodation for 12 passengers.
Railway track length 1290 meter, capacity for103 84-ton standard wagons.
27 July 1987 delivered.

After delivery used in the ferry service from Klaipeda to Mukran.
1992 Transferred to Lithuanian flag and registry.
27 April 2006 the company changed her name to Ab DFDS Lisco. Lithuania.
27 April 2006 sold to Saronia Maritime Ltd., Limassol, Cyprus.
30 June 2006 last day in service in the service from Klaipeda to Mukran.
05 July 2006 delivered to new owners in Klaipeda, managed by Jay Management Co., renamed in CELTIC MIST.
July 2006 Chartered by Celtic Link.
17 July 2006 chartered by Van Uden in Rotterdam for one voyage from Moerdijk, Netherlands to Volos, Greece.
11 February 2007 sailed from Ambelakia to Cherbourg.
05 March 2007 in the cargo service from Cherbourg to Portsmouth.
After one day in operation taken out of service after she was inspected and found unsafe for service.
Sailed from Portsmouth to Southampton for extensive repair work, but not sure any repair took place.
07 April 2007 left Southampton for Perama , Greece.
12 November 2007 renamed SARONIC STAR.
2009 In service?. gives for 2009. IMO No. 8311895. Under Cyprus flag, same owner and management.

The MUKRAN was built under yard No 321 by VEB Mathias Thesen Werft, Wismar, East Germany for VEB Deutfracht Seereederei, Rostock, East Germany.
01 March 1985 first section placed.
27 August 1985 launched.
Other details the same as KLAIPEDA.
18 April 1986 trials.
27 August 1986 delivered to owners.

02 October 1986 in service as a train ferry between Mukran and Klaipeda.
August 1990, lower deck used for the transport of cars.
01 January 1994 transferred to Euroseabridge Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH, Rostock, and managed by Reederei F Laeisz GmbH, Germany.
30 January 1995 by Remontowa/Gdansk Shiprepair Yard, Gdansk, Poland, work commenced to increase passenger accommodation. After her refit she could carry 140 passengers and 308 cars and 97 trailers.
1995 Sold to MS “Petersburg” Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Rostock, Germany and renamed PETERSBURG.

Thereafter bareboat chartered by Euroseabridge for 8 years.
07 September 1995 refitting completed, and she sailed one day later in the service of Euroseabridge from Travemünde to St Petersburg.
January 1996 chartered by the German Ministry of Defence for the transport of military supplies from Emden to Croatia.
19 March 1996 used in the service from Travemünde to Klaipeda.
10 August 1996 till 06 November 1996 in the service from Kiel to St Petersburg, then again in the service between Travemünde to Klaipeda or Mukran and Klaipeda.
January 1997 registered in Monrovia, Liberia.
Till April 2003 used in the service from German ports to Klaipeda. Then used in the service from Karlshamn to Liepaja, Latvia for Scandlines.
02 September 2003 after sailing from Karlshamn she got fire in the engine control room, in which two crewmembers were injured and the vessel became unmanageable.
The next day towed to Karlshamn, and two days later under tow she arrived at Rostock.
18 December 2003 in service Karlshamn to Liepaja.
24 December 2003 during bad weather she collided with the quay or breakwater in Liepaja, where she received a hole in her hull.
10 January 2004 again in service.

01 October 2005 in the service between Karlshamn and Ventspils.
28 October 2005 in the service between Nynäshamn and Ventspils.

2009 gives IMO No 8311883, under Liberian flag, same owner and managed by Laeisz Reederei, Rostock, Germany.

East German 1986 50pf. sg E2762. (MUKRAN),
Russia 1985 15k sg 5690. (KLAIPEDA)

Source: Marine News, mostly copied from Watercraft Philately Vol 35 page 2 and translated from
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Re: MUKRAN and most probably KLAIPEDA

Postby aukepalmhof » Mon May 03, 2021 7:48 pm

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1986 KLAYPEDA ferry Opening-of-USSR---GDR-Railway-Ferry.jpg
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mukran 2.jpg
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1986 MUKRAN ferry and Fährbrücke-Ferry.jpg
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Update on KLAIPEDA.

When she was launched her name was given KLAYPEDA

November 2007 chartered to Cotunav.
2009 Laid up at Drapetsona.
25 October 2010 sold to Iris Maritime Inc., Piraeus, under Malta flag, homeport Valletta, renamed TULIP
January 2011 renamed in RUZGAR. In service between Drapetsona to Igoumenitsa.
01 February 2011 chartered by RML Lines, thereafter in the service between Igoumenitsa and Brindisi, Italy.
2012 Made some voyages between Koper and Lybia.
June 2012 Chartered by MCCL and sailed for Misrata.

2012-2018 under Comores flag and registry.

18 April 2019 sold to Namma Shipping Lines, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and renamed AZIZ EXPRESS.
2021 Same owners and name and in service. Sailing between Saudi Arabia and Sudan

Update on MUKRAN.

October 2010. Sold to Black Sea Ferry & Investments (Baltic Fleet LLC), St. Petersburg, Russia.
18 November 2010, in service between Szczecin - Baltiysk.
2010, service between Baltiysk - Uust-Luga.
07 June 2012, service between Uust-Luga - Mukran.
April 2018. Shipyard visit in Paljasaare, Estonia.
08 June 2018. Arrested in Paljasaare when the shipping company did not pay the bills for repairs, totaling 350,000 € and 30,000 € unpaid wages
February 2019. Sold to OFW Ships SA, Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed to ODEEP ONE.
February 2019. Put under the Panama flag.
August 2019 Sold to OFW Finance Sasu, La Garenne-Colombes, France. Still under the Panama flag.
2021 In service, same name, and flag.

After she was acquired by OFW, she was converted by the Gdansk Polish yard Remontowa. A bottling line imported from China was set on board. In October 2019, after departing the yard, the ODEEP ONE was detained in Nowy Port (Poland) with 20 deficiencies. In November, she finally reached Sète to carry out test runs in the Mediterranean. The OFW project was targetting Chinese clients who would have not
yet realized that all seawater is polluted. At the end of the tests, the ODEEP ONE was supposed to head for a pumping area off the Philippines. She never left Sète. In late March 2020, the ship was paralyzed by the Covid-19 lock-down, The shipowner managed to get the authorization to produce and bottle hydro - alcoholic gel on board. On September 10, OFW was defaulting payments and went into receivership.
The sole bid was rejected by the Court. On October 8, the company was declared bankrupt. ... king61.pdf

Source: Marine News, and translated from
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