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Postby shipstamps » Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:13 pm

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On 15 September 2004 Turkey issued four stamps, which depict submarines of the Turkish Navy.

The 600.000 Lira depict the TCG 18 MART.
Built by Gölcük, Kocaeli, Turkey for the Turkish Navy.
28 July 1994 laid down.
25 August 1997 launched under the name 18 MART (S 355) one of the Preveze (209) class (type 1400) of which eight were built. She was named after a Turkish victory in the Dardanelles on 18 March 1915.
Displacement 1.454 tons surfaced, 1.586 tons dived. Dim. 62 x 6.2 x 5.5m. (draught).
Powered: Diesel electric by four MTU 12V 396 SB83 diesels, 3.800 hp. Speed 10 mile surfaced, 21.5 mile dived. One shaft.
Range at 8 knots 8.200 miles surfaced, at 4 knots 400 mile dived.
Armament: SSM McDonnell Douglas Sub Harpoon, 8 – 533mm torpedo tubes in bow. Can carry a total of 8 Torpedoes and 14 missiles.
Diving depth 280 meters.
Crew 30 including 8 officers.
28 June 1998 commissioned.

17 November 1987 the first two submarines of this class were ordered, with an option of two more, which was taken up in 1994.
All of the class were built with Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW) prefabrication and assembled at Gölcük.

700.000 Lira depicts the TCG PREVEZE, the lead ship of this class.
12 September 1989 laid down on the Gölcük yard.
22 October 1993 launched under the name PREVEZE (S 353). She was named after a Turkish navy victory in the Gulf of Preveze on 27 September 1538, over a combined Genoese, Malta, Portuguese and Spanish navy.
28 July 1994 commissioned.

Details the same as the 18 MART.

The other 700.000 Lira depict the TCG ANAFARTALAR.
01 August 1995 laid down on the Gölcük yard.
01 September 1998 launched under the name ANAFARTALAR (S 356), named after a hill in Gallipoli.
22 July 1999 commissioned.

Details the same as the 18 MART.

800.000 Lira depicts the TCG ATILAY.

Built by the Howaldtswerke, Kiel, Germany for the Turkish Navy.
01 December 1972 laid down.
23 October 1974 launched under the name ATILAY, (S 347) she was the lead ship of her class of which 6 were built.
Displacement 980 ton surfaced, 1.185 ton dived. Dim. 61.2 x 6.2 x 5.5m. (draught)
Powered: Diesel electric by four MTU 12V 493 TY60 diesels, 2.400 hp. One shaft. Speed 11 knots surfaced, 22 knots dived.
Range 7.500 miles by a speed of 8 knots when surfaced.
Armament: 8 – 533mm torpedo tubes.
Crew 38 including 8 officers.
Commissioned 12 March 1976.

The class was designed by Ingenieurkontor Lübeck, Germany; the first three of this class were built at Kiel, the last three in Turkey.

All four submarines are still operational in the Turkish Navy.

Source: Jane’s 2003. ... eveze.html
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