Hainan junk

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Hainan junk

Post by shipstamps » Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:53 pm

A Hylam trader is featured on the 12 cents stamp. This is one of a small group of trading vessels with European hulls and a Chinese rig developed in parts of Southern China in the last century. Many Chinese stewards employed in passenger liners came from Hylam in South China in pre-war days. Hainan boats were also built by the Hainanese settled in Singapore and Penang and these local boats now differ but slightly from the ones found in Hylam and Hong Kong.
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Re: Hainan junk

Post by aukepalmhof » Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:27 pm

As given the vessel depict is a HAINAN JUNK or also given as HYLAM JUNK and HAINAN TRADER.
The following is from Aak to Zumbra, a dictionary of World’s Watercraft.

She are used in southern China, strongly built 3 masted junk from the island of Hainan that trade widely in south-eastern Asia, but also engaged in fishing and piracy.
A few still work.
Raked bow, sharp at the cutwater, blunt above; framework projected forward from abreast the foremast and connected across the bow to hold the anchor, running rigging etc.
Stern rounded up, ending in a high wide transom; gallery along the quarters and stern.
Flat floors; long straight keel more recently a drop keel. Strong sheer, deep bulwarks; sometimes portable washboards.
Fenestrated rudder hung below the bottom; stock came up inboard. Tiller controlled by ropes and blocks; many had centreboards.
Decked; long hatch amidships.
Cabins on either side of rudderhead and tiller.
A “sampan” hung from aft davits, another carried on deck.
Foremast stepped in the bow, raking forward; mainmast roughly amidships; mizzenmast on the stern gallery.
Battened balance lugsails with curved leech; originally of mating, later cloth.
Crew of 16 – 20.
Reported length 25.6 meter, beam 5.5 meter, depth 1.6 meter.
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Re: Hainan junk

Post by Arturo » Thu Apr 17, 2014 8:37 pm

Hainan Junk

Singapore, 1980, S.G.?, Scott; 336.
Hainan Junk.jpg

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