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Postby shipstamps » Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:27 pm

Sagres II.jpg
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The Sagres was built in 1937 in shipyard of Blohm & Voss in Hamburg and named the Albert Leo Schlageter. She was the 3rd of four ships built by the German Navy including the Horst Vessel (now the US Coast Guard ship, Eagle). and the Gorch Fock (now the Tovarishch of Ukraine). A sister-ship, Mircea, was also built for the Romanian Navy. During World War II she was taken to Bremerhaven shipyard after damage from a mine and captured by the U.S. forces in 1945. The ship was given to Brazil in 1948 and sailed in as a training ship in the Brazilian Navy under the name Guanabara. In 1962 she was purchased by Portugal purchased to replace the old sail training ship Sagres and is often referred to as the Sagres II.
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Re: Sagres

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:27 am

2013 SAGRES.jpg
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2016 sagres.jpg
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2017 sagres II.jpg
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Central African Republic 2013 900F sg?, scott?
The mint sheet of Burkina Faso issued in 1999 scott 1135 gives the inscription that the ETATS UNIT of 1800 (United States) is depict.
Clearly the vessel depict is the Portuguese barque SAGRES II built in 1937, she bears a red cross on all her square sails, and other details are the same as on the sheet.

Burkina Faso 1999 10000 F sg?, scott 1135
Portugal 2016 20g Euro sg?, scott?
Sierra Leone 2017 LE9800 sg?, scott?
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Re: Sagres

Postby Arturo » Mon Apr 07, 2014 5:42 pm

Sagres II.jpg
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Sagres II

DPR Korea, 1987, S.G.?, Scott; 2631.
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