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Isle of Farquhar

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Isle of Farquhar

Postby shipstamps » Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:43 pm

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The Isle of Farquhar, named after one of the islands of British Indian Ocean Territory. This schooner was built in 1904 by E. Smit and Zoon, at Groningen, as the Zeemeeuw. becoming renamed in turn Kyllikkl, Linnea, Thelma, and La Perle, under various owners. She is registered at Port Victoria, her gross tonnage being 176, and net 99. Length 102ft. 6ins., with a beam of 23ft. 2in. The vessel serves the British Indian Ocean Territory islands and also the Seychelles outlying islands taking supplies, equipment and labourers to the islands and bringing back the copra.
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Re: Isle of Farquhar

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:45 pm

zeemeeuw 1.jpg
As ZEEMEEUW in 1906
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Built in 1906 by E.J. Smit & Zoon Scheepswerven, Hoogezand, Groningen, #463, as ZEEMEEUW for Pieter Jonker, Hoogezand (Netherlands)
3mast Schooner, Gt:181, Nt:148, Dw:250 tons, Loa:35.78m. Lbp:32.28m. B:7.07m. D:3.29m. Draft:2.88m. max., in 1917 engine built in, 2 cyl. Björneborg diesel:70 hp. in 1939 2 cyl. Avance diesel:100 hp. in 1946 5 cyl. Fairbanks diesel:240 hp.
In 1916 sold to N.V. Maatschappij Vrachtvaart, Middelburg (Nl.) in '17 sold to J. Nurminen, Rauma, Finland, renamed KYLLIKKY, '20 sold to Nils Påhlsson, Sweden, renamed LINNEA,
'21 to P/R W.E. Johnsson, Helsingborg, Sweden, not renamed.
'31 to Rederi A/B Ven, Helsingborg, '36 to P/R Emil Pettersson, Skärhamn, Sweden as THELMA, '37 to Raphael Fishing Co., Port Louis, Mauritius, '42 renamed in LA PERLE, mothership for a fishing fleet of dories.
in '62 sold to Michel P. Moulinié & Co., Port Victoria, Seychelles, renamed ISLE OF FARQUHAR, service between the islands of B.I.O.T. and the Seychelles with all kinds of cargo and passengers. Later used as a floating restaurant.
She took out the last inhabitants of the island Diego Garcia. Arrival to Mahe (Seychelles) on 31-10-1971.
1974 laid up in Port Victoria.
1981 the owner sold the ship to the Government of the Seychelles, this owner was also co-owner of the coconut plantations on Diego Garcia.

Then unknown, however in october-2004 in the following message:
-The authorities were about to start dismantling what remains of this ship here in the Seychelles. But a small group of us have asked to be allowed to transform the "wreck" into a national monument by restoring it to some extent.
We have been given until the 27th of October 2004 to submit a "project memorandum" regarding our intentions (project objectives, technical works anticipated, budget and expenditure, timeline, etc.). In the meantime, the dismantling operations have been suspended. We would be most grateful for any information you have on the “Isle of Farquhar” - we had no idea that it is a Dutch-built ship! Also, we would welcome any advice you may have as to how we could proceed, including any channels we could explore to obtain technical advice and financial assistance to enable us to do at least the minimum that is required to save what is left of this beautiful and historically valuable ship. We very much look forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, Pat Matyot.-

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Re: Isle of Farquhar

Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:03 pm

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