Oberon HMS

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Oberon HMS

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H.M.S. Oberon, sixth of the name, which gave her name to the "Oberon" class of patrol submarines. Built at H.M. Dockyard, Chatham, and laid down November 28, 1957; launched July 18, 1959; completed February 24, 1961. Displacement tonnage: 1,610 standard; 2,030 surface; 2.410 submerged. Length 241 ft. p.p., 295.2ft. o.a., beam 26.5 ft., draft 18 ft. Eight 21-in, torpedo tubes for homing
torpedoes. Main engines: diesels, of 3,680 b.h.p., two electric motors, 6,000 s.h.p. Two shafts. Speed: 12 knots surface, 17 submerged. Complement: six officers, 62 men. The class have improved detection equipment and are able to maintain continuous underwater patrols in any part of the world. The Oberon has been modified with deeper casing to house equipment for the initial training of personnel for nuclear powered submarines.
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Re: Oberon HMS

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Built as an attack/patrol submarine by the Chatham Dockyard, Chatham for the Royal Navy.
28 November 1957 keel laid down.
18 July 1959 launched as HMS OBERON (S09) christened by Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, she was the first submarine of the Oberon class.
Displacement 2,030 surfaced, 2,410 submerged. Dim. 88.5 x 8.1 x 5.5m., length bpp. 73.4m.
Powered by diesel electric by two Admiralty Standard Range V 16 diesel engines, 3,700/6,000 bhp, twin shafts, speed 12/17 knots.
Armament 8 – 21 inch torpedo tubes, six forwards (20 torpedoes) and 2 aft.
Test depth 200 metre.
Crew 69
24 February 1961 commissioned.

A unit after commissioned of the 3rd (Flaslane) Flotilla.
Her further service history is still clouded in mystery.
10 December1986 arrived Portsmouth to pay off.
1987 Sold to the Seaforth Group with the intention after a refit by the Humber Shiprepairs Ltd., Immingham to sell her to Egypt, but the deal fell trough.
Marine News 1991/270 gives that she had carried the name SEAFORTH A before she was scrapped.
She was resold by Humber Shiprepairs Ltd and scrapped at Grimsby in 1991.

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Source: Wikipedia and various other web-sites.

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