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DAI HATSU type landingcraft

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DAI HATSU type landingcraft

Postby shipstamps » Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:45 pm

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On this stamp of Tanzania is depict a landing craft of the type Dai Hatsu of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
All with all 3.229 of this type were built in different places in Japan till the end of World War II.

After plans of this type the Allies built there own type of landing craft in World War II.

So far a Google search gives some more info on this type of landing craft.

She was built with different length, but the most common was the 14.6 meter type.
Production commenced on 01 January 1935, and the last was disposed on 01 January 1946.

Dimensions 14.6 x 3.35 x 0.75m. (draught).
Powered mostly with one diesel engine of 80hp., one shaft, speed 8.5 knots, but all kind of engines were used like two automobile engines each 40 hp., high speed diesel engines etc.
Range, around 80 miles.
Armament 2 – 7.7mm or 2 – 25mm AA or 3 – 25mm AA guns.
Could carry one tank, or 70 men or 10 tons of cargo.
One bow-ramp.

Used between the larger transports ships at anchor off the coast to ferry equipment and men to the beachheads, as seen on the stamp. Most probably the transport ships carried the landing craft, and on arrival at the anchorage lowered the craft in the water.

Tanzania 1992 75s sg 1322
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