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An Indonesian Navy set of three commemorative stamps was issued by that nation on October 5th 1964. The 20 r. stamp shows in the foreground, the destroyer Silihwhangi (No. 201), built in Poland, a type similar to the "Skoryi" class of the U.S.S.R., displacing 2,600 tons (3,500 tons fully loaded). Overall length is 420 ft., breadth 41 ft., draft 13 ft. Armament consists of four 5.1 in. guns in twin turrets, two 3-in. A.A. and seven 37 m.m. A.A. guns, and ten 21-in, torpedo tubes. The destroyer carries 80 mines, and has a speed of 38 knots. She was bought by Indonesia in 1959. A similar destroyer appears in the background.
SG1019 Sea Breezes 6/65

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Both were built as destroyers of Project 30bis as one of the Skoryy class for the Soviet Navy.
SILIWANGI: built under yard No 23 by the Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Shipyard No 199, Russian Far East.
01 March 1951 laid down.
11 September 1951 launched as the VOLEVOY. (Volitional)
Displacement: 2,316 standard, 3,066 full load, dim. 120.5 x 12 x 4.26m. (draught).
Powered by two GTZA TV-6 steam turbines 30,000 hp, twin screws, speed 35.5 knots.
Range by a speed 14.9 knots, 3,500 mile.
Armament 2 – 130mm, 1 – 85mm AA, 11 – 37mmAA guns, 2 – 533mm torpedo tubes, 50 depth charges and 52 mines.
Crew 286.
29 December 1951 commissioned a unit of the Soviet Pacific Fleet

The Skoryy class was the first destroyers built for the Soviet Navy after World War II, altogether 70 units of this class were built on diverse Russian yards.

17 February 1959 VOLEVOY was sold to Indonesia and renamed SILIWANGI (201).
1971 Decommissioned and scrapped.

SANDJAJA: Built as a destroyer under yard No 1113 by Shipyard No445 named after 61 kommunara, Nikolayev, Black Sea for the Soviet Navy.
16 January 1951 laid down.
30 June 1951 launched as the BESPOKOYNYY (287). (Restless)
Tonnage and details the same as the SILIWANGI.
21 December 1951 commissioned a unit of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet.

30 June 1959 sold to Indonesian Navy and renamed SANDJAJA (203)
1971 Decommissioned and scrapped.

Indonesia 1964 20r sg1019, scott648 (SILIWANGI in the foreground of the stamp the other is the SANDJAJA.)

Source: Wikipedia ... _30bis.htm

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