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Tsotsi in the Bundu

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Tsotsi in the Bundu

Postby shipstamps » Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:25 am

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I am indebted to the Hon. F. A. Leathers for the name of the yacht on the Bermuda Olympic Games 3d. stamp of 1964 last year. This Finn class racing yacht has the intriguing name of Tsotsi in the Bundu, a combination of Swahili and English which means "City Delinquent in the Bush Veldt". The Finn class has an overall length of 14.75 ft., beam 5 ft., and sail area of 110 sq. ft. This present Olympic type single-handed dinghy was designed by R. Sarby and was first used in the Olympic Games held at Helsinki in 1952 and since used in the Olympics in Melbourne, Naples and Tokio. It has developed tremendously in sophistication and performance in its 13-odd years of life and is deceptively simple. Mr. Keith Beker, in his "Beauty of Sail," describes the class as, "a plain, rather round, chubby dinghy with a centreboard which is hardly more than the quarter segment of a circle, The mast is an unstayed pole which turns in the deck; the boom is merely stuck through a slot in the mast. But oh! the cunning required to tune sail to mast and mast to sail." The stamp clearly shows the Bermuda Yacht Club's registration number on the sail "KB 8," by which it was possible to identify the Tsotsi in the Bundu, and the stamp designer is to be congratulated for not leaving out this important detail in his picture.
Ernest Argyle, Sea Breezes 6/65
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Re: Tsotsi in the Bundu

Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Apr 13, 2021 11:27 pm

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Bermuda 1964 3d sg 183, scott 195.
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