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Portuguese frigate 24 guns. Built Lisbon Naval Arsenal 1797. L100ft. Compl 166. Later a Brigantine and 1804 a Corvette. 1797 captured a French Corsair and her prize, a schooner, off coast of Vila Nova de Milfontes. 1798 captured a French Frigate off northern coast of Portugal, while changing course her sails were damaged and ANDORINHA was unable to put into harbour. After being converted into a Corvette she sailed to Brazil. In 1801 on a voyage from Bahia to Rio de Janeiro fought against French Frigate SHIFFONE, 40 guns. After a fight of more than an hour ANDORINHA surrendered. In 1808 returned to Brazil with the report of the negotiations which led to the signing of the convention of Sintra. Sank 2 Feb 1810 during a voyage from Ro de Janeiro to Paraguay.
Mozambique SG564. SSS Ency

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Mozambique 1963
1963 Corvette-Andorinha-1799 (2).jpg

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