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Postby shipstamps » Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:26 pm

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KAEP: Single-outrigger sailing canoe of Palau in the western Caroline Archipelago.
Known especially for its racing qualities. Extinct but a few replicas now being built.
Dugout hull a narrow “V” in cross section; sides slightly curved; residual gunwales thickened to form waterways; bottom strongly curved, the ends rising above the waterline, strong sheer.
Double ended to be sailed in either direction; end raked with a slight forefoot; might have tall endpieces. Thick, triangular pieces formed small fore-and stern decks. Six thwarts that projected outboard on the outrigger side; cowry shells dangled from ends of the thwart bars. Two closely spaced heavy booms extended to the small, squared float; sharp ends. Float and each boom connected by a vertical stanchion from which an angled piece ran to the boom.
1 – 2 yokes connected outer ends and supplemental pieces crossed between the booms.
Platform covered most of the outrigger unit. Mast pivoted toward direction of movement, stepped on the inner edge of the platform. Triangular mat sail; apex tacked to the forward thwart; spars at the foot slotted into the luff spar.
Also paddled.
Crew four.
Reported lengths 7.25 - 10.5m. e.g. length 10 meter, beam 0.36m, depth 0.94m.

On Palau 1985 22c sg76. 1985 44c sg 94. 1986 14c sg 104. 1987 22c sg 214. 1988 25c sgMS236. 1989 25c sg 323/24. 1990 25c sg 358., 1991 30c sg 397. 1993 29c sg 647.

Source: copied from Aak to Zumbra, a dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
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Postby aukepalmhof » Sun May 31, 2009 3:48 am

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1986 kaep Sailing-Canoes.jpg
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Palau one stamp it is written on as KAEB other as KAEP, the correct name is KAEP

Palau 1991 30c sg397, scott263b.
Palau 1986 14c sg104, scott?
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