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On September 14th 1967, the Post Office of Bermuda and the Virgin Islands both issued commemorative sets of stamps on the completion of the Bermuda-Tortola telephone link, a recent addition to the expanding services of Cable and Wireless Ltd. The length of the marine telephone cable linking the islands is 900 miles.
Tortola is the hub of the new Virgin Islands internal telephone system and with the recently-completed Caribbean radio system, links 10 islands from the British Virgins to Trinidad and on to Guyana. All of these territories are now connected to Bermuda and thus to the world's international networks by the Bermuda-Tortola link-up -- an important historical event.
The ship which laid this new telephone cable was the cable ship Mercury, and it is not surprising that she is depicted on two of the four Bermuda stamps and two of the three in the Virgin Islands issue. Built in 1962 by Cammell Laird and Co. (Shipbuilders and Engineers) Ltd., Birkenhead, for Cable and Wireless, Ltd., the Mercury is the second ship of the company to appear on stamps, the Retriever having appeared on a stamp of Fiji in 1963, when the trans-Pacific telephone cable was opened.
Her gross tonnage is 8,962 and she has an overall length of 473 ft. with a beam of 58 ft. 8 ins., depth of 39 ft. 3 ins. and draft of 24 ft. 7 ins. She is powered by four 8-cylinder oil engines driving four generators, connected to two electric motors and twin-screw shafts, giving a speed of 16 knots.

Bermuda SG 208, 211. Brit Virgin Is SG 217, 219, 618. Sea Breezes 12/67

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Built as a cable ship under yard No 1305 by Cammell Laird & Co., Birkenhead, for Cable and Wireless Ltd., London.
20 July 1962 launched under the name MERCURY.
Tonnage 8.962 grt, 3.333 net, 6.180 dwt., dim. 144.17 x 17.83 x 7.35m.
Powered, diesel electric by four 8-cyl oil engines, 6.000 shp, connected to two shafts, speed 16 knots.
Range 8.000 miles and she could stay at sea for 80 days.
Fitted out at the bow with a Voith-Schneider transverse propulsion unit given her a side thrust of 6 tons
She could carry 1.200 miles lightweight cable with 48 repeaters.
Accommodation for 159 persons.
Ice strengthened for operation in Arctic waters.
October 1962 delivered to owners.

She was specifically built for the laying of the COMPAC and SEACOM cables between end 1962 and 1964.
At that time she was the fastest cable-layer in the world.
Her twin funnel arrangement allows cable work to be carried out either at the bow or at the stern.

Then the following cables were laid as given by
1966 British Virgin Islands to Bermuda.
1969 SAT 1 Portugal via Ascension to Cape Town.
1971 CANBER Nova Scotia via Bermuda and Jamaica to the Cayman Islands.
1972 Italy to Algeria and PENCAN 2 Spain to Gran Canary.
1973 CANTAT 2 Canada to U.K., and BRACAN 1 from Brazil to Gran Canary.
1974 BARO from Spain to Italy.
1975 TASMAN from Australia to New Zealand, and from the U.K. to Spain.
1976 From Italy to Turkey.
1977 OLUHO from Luzon to Hong Kong, and ASEAN from Singapore to Luzon.
1978 COLOMBUS from Venezuela to Spain, and from Barcelona to Majorca.
1982 ANZCAN Norfolk Island to New Zealand.
1983 ANZCAN.
1988 PTAT 1.
1989 to 1995 various optical fibre cables worldwide.
1992 TAT 11
1995 ECFS East Caribbean Fibre Optic System.

When berthed at Bristol on 1 May 1996 she got on fire in the engine-room which caused severe damage.
1997 Sold to Gijonesa de Desguaces y Recuperaciones Ferricas S.A., Spain.
03 December 1979 arrived under tow from Bristol at Gijon, Spain for scrapping.

Bermuda 1967 3d and 2.6d sg 208/211, scott 214 and 217.
British Virgin Island 1967 4c and 50c sg 217 and 219, scott 183 and 185, 1986 60c and 50c sg MS 623. (The other cabble layer on the MS is the CABLE ENTERPRISE)
Maldives 1976 1r sg 647.
Norfolk Island 1983 75c sg 316
Penrhyn Island 1983 36/60c sg 295/297 and 36 +3 and 60 +3c sgMS 298
Philippines 1978 1p40 sg 1472, scott 1360.
Niger 2001 150f sg?, scott?

Source: Register of Merchant ships completed in 1962. Merchant Ships built 1962. Marine News.
2001 Caledonia-Mercury.jpg
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Philippines 1978, S.G.?, Scott: 1360.

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