The Greek bireme was an oared warship with two rows of oars on each side. It was a revolutionary invention by (possibly the Biotian Greeks since the Trojan War or more probable their settlers, the Erythraeans in Asia Minor in the 8th century B.C.) which doubled the motion force of the ship without increasing its length. This was an important advantage in pirate persecutions and in the ramming of opponents. She was fitted out with a bow ram
Steering was achieved with the two big oars. Place on both sides near the stern. Complementarily, it had a large square sail with many pulleys for its unencumbered handling. During fighting the sail was furled. It usually had 100 oars ("ekatontoros"). Its dimensions reached length 32 and beam 4.80 metres respectively.
Sometimes it had a deck for the protection of the oarsmen and the facile transport of the warriors.

SOURCES: "The History of the Greek Nation, Ekdotiki Athens", "Dellopoulos, The Greek Trireme", "Deligiannis Pericles, Naval History", "Homer, Iliad", "Aelianos Taktikos, Tactic theory".
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Built as an icebreaker under yard No. 399 by Wärtsilä A/B, Helsinki for the Soviet Government (V/O Sudoimport, Moscow.)
10 September 1973 keel laid down.
26 April 1974 launched under the name ADMIRAL MAKAROV, two sisters the YERMAK and KRASIN.
Tonnage 12.223 grt, 4.217 net, 7.560 dwt., dim. 134.83 x 26.07 x 16.72m, draught 11 meter.
Powered; diesel electric by 9 12-cyl. Wärtsila-Sulzer, 41.400bhp., driving 9 generators connected to electric motors, 12.000 shp each, connected to three shafts, speed 19 knots.
12 June 1975 completed, homeport Vladivostok.

Under command of Capt. Vadim Ivanovich Abonosimow, she was used in the Northern waters of Russia.
1981 She towed a floating dock of 30.000 tons from Yugoslavia to the Far East.
The same year she towed a floating dock of 100.000 dwt. from Japan to the Russian Far East.
October 1988 she together with the VLADIMIR ARSENYEV rescued two whales captured in the ice for three weeks off North Alaska. To honour this event the Alaskans population granted a memorial to the town of Vladivostok, it is standing on a square in the city.
1999 Under command of Capt. Vadim Andreevich Kholodenko she towed a floating dock via the North East Passage (above Canada) from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski to the Bahamas.
27 June 2003 she sailed from Vladivostok to the Baltic, where she was stationed for three years in the Gulf of Finland to assist vessels during the winter months from Primorsk a large oil terminal to ice-free waters in the Baltic. In the winter season 2003/04 she escorted 234 tankers, during 2004/05 151 vessels, and in the season 2005/06 265 vessels.

After completing the winter season 2005/06 she returned to Vladivostok via the Northern route, she covered the northern route in 8 days. Arriving Vladivostok 04 November 2006.

After maintenance at Vladivostok she left this port for the Tatar Strait for a 10 year time charter by Exxon-Neftgaz Ltd, to escort large Aframax type tankers from Project Sakhalin 1 to the port of De-Kastri.

2008 As given by she is now owned and managed by Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO), Vladivostok. IMO No. 7347603. Tonnage now given as 14.058 grt.

Source: Soviet Merchant Ships by Ambrose Greenway.
FESCO web-site.
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2018 operation breakthrough Admiral Makarov. MS jpg.jpg
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2018 ADMIRAL MAKAROV (4).jpg
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2019 In service, managed by Rosmoport, Moscow her last position is moored in Murmansk.
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